Amazing Health Benefits Of Catnip Essential Oil


Amazing Health Benefits Of Catnip Essential Oil

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Catnip herb is pretty popular. It is also called Cat Mint. The name is so because it has a mint like aroma and an effect on cats! Yes, it does sound funny but this catnip actually stimulates cats. However, its effect is not just limited to cats! It has a lot of positive benefits to offer to us humans too! The herb is medicinal in nature and is used in treating many ailments.

catnip oil health benefits

Let us have a look at the health benefits of catnip essential oil.


The essential oil is capable to cure almost all kinds of cramps regardless of the fact that they are muscular, intestinal or respiratory. It relaxes muscle pulls too. Being an anti-spasmodic, it cures all the problems linked to cramps or spasms.

Removes gas

Catnip oil is carminative in nature, meaning that it has the ability to remove gases from the intestines. Gas trapped in the intestines when moves upwards can cause a lot of discomfort like a choking feeling, chest pains, uneasiness, indigestion, increase in blood pressure and acute pain in the stomach. Catnip oil can help in the downward movement of gases and don’t let the formation of more gases. Catnip oil is helpful for people suffering from chronic gas problem.

Helps one sweat

Catnip oil is known to stimulate sweating. Many hate sweating as it makes them wet and smelly but odour in sweat occurs only when there is a health problem like obesity, indigestion or kidney trouble. The odour is an indication of the accumulation of toxins in the body. A healthy person is supposed to sweat reasonably and regularly. With catnip oil, you sweat and this helps in weight loss, reduction of blood pressure, removal of toxins and excess salt from the body. It also keeps the heart healthy.

Regulates menstruation

The oil is known to stimulate the secretion of hormones and thus helps regulate menstruation. This is beneficial when one is suffering from irregular periods. It is also known to ease the cramps and pain that happens during periods.

Tonic for nerves

Catnip oil is known to be a tonic for the nervous system. It cures a lot of nervous disorders like nervousness, shaking hands and limbs, vertigo, convulsions, sluggishness, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease. It basically strengthens the nerves and activates them.

Keeps stomach functioning well

Catnip oil is known to keep the stomach working fine and in order. It ensures the proper secretion of bile and gastric juices in the stomach. It also cures ulcers and stomach disorders.

Increases washroom trips

Being a diuretic, catnip oil is known to promote urination. It increases the frequency of your washroom visits. This is quite beneficial for those who suffer from over accumulation of water in the body, which results in swelling due to kidney problem. It helps such people by removing extra water from the body. It reduces weight, lowers blood pressure and removes toxins from the body (uric acid).

Acts as a sedative

Catnip oil is a great sedative. It is effective in curing anxiety, tension and insomnia. It basically relaxes both the body and mind.

massage for detoxification


  • This essential oil is not meant for pregnant ladies.
  • Do not apply the oil directly always dilute it with carrier oil.

Always use catnip oil or any other essential oil after consulting or in the presence of a professional aromatherapist or a doctor.

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