Top 6 Health Benefits Of Celery Seeds


Top 6 Health Benefits Of Celery Seeds

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Celery seeds are tiny dark brown seeds with a strong but pleasant smell. Celery seeds contain several healthy compounds that are known to provide a number of health benefits.

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The seeds are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, calming and diuretic in nature.

It can cure the following health problems:

  • Stomach and digestive problems like poor digestion, loss of appetite, flatulence
  • Water retention
  • Gout/arthritis
  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain
  • Nervousness and anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Infection of the urinary tract
  • Menstrual issues
  • Hypertension

Have a look at some of the benefits in detail.

Top health benefits of celery seeds

1) Helps cure indigestion

Celery seeds are quite effective in relieving indigestion, an upset tummy, flatulence and bloating. Simply consuming ¼ teaspoon of organic celery seeds with water once a day will treat the stomach problems.

2) Checks high blood pressure

Exercise and low blood pressure

Studies show that celery seeds improve blood circulation by widening the blood vessels. It is diuretic in nature too i.e. it will make a person visit the washroom frequently, reducing the fluid volume of the body. When the 2 activities occur together, the level of blood pressure gets lowered. So, you can use celery seeds as a cure for hypertension. However, if you are already taking medicines for high BP, you better consult the doctor before taking celery seeds or else your blood pressure levels may fall too low!

3) Eases menstrual discomfort and PMS

Celery seeds are used in easing menstrual discomfort and PMS. The seeds contain a compound called apiol which is beneficial for the endocrine system. Celery seeds extract is proven to be useful in treating pain and cramps when taken with saffron and anise seed extract on the first three days of periods. You can consume celery seed extract on the first 3 days of menstruation to reduce the severity of menstrual discomfort.

4) Aids weight loss

Get Started With Best Weight Loss Tips eat well

Celery seed tea is known to aid weight loss as it helps in boosting the metabolism. A simple remedy is crushing celery seeds and boiling it in a cup of water for about fifteen-twenty minutes on low heat. After 20 minutes the quantity of tea reduces to half a cup. Drinking this along with regular workout will help you lose weight.

5) Relieves anxiety

Aromatherapy with a combination of celery seed oil and sandalwood is known to be beneficial in curing anxiety, mental stress, nervousness and insomnia. Celery seed oil can calm an anxious mind. Make sure to visit the aromatherapist to learn the right method to use the oil of celery seed for anxiety and related issues.

6) Treats arthritis, gout and inflammation

gout how it starts

Celery seeds are known to be analgesic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic in nature and hence help in the treatment of arthritis, gout, muscle and joint pain. In the case of gout, the diuretic nature of the seeds helps in flushing out excess uric acid from the body. Drinking a cup of tea made with 1 tbsp of celery seed twice a day can provide relief individuals suffering from gout. For joint pain and muscle aches the celery seed oil can be mixed with a carrier oil and applied for relief.

A word of caution

Make sure to consult the doctor before you start taking celery seeds for curing an ailment, especially if you are already suffering from an existing medical condition.

Are you going to include celery seeds in your diet?

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