Health Benefits Of Dates


Health Benefits Of Dates

A big hello to all the fitness enthusiasts. IΒ have lost a lot of extra weight and have taken care of my overall health as well. I will try to share as much knowledge as I have about health and weight maintenance.

So, today I am going to share how dates are excellent for our health.

Health Benefits Of Dates

Personally I love dates and I was waiting for winters to have them in my diet as they are hot in nature and may add to body’s heat in summers.

Health Benefits Of Dates

Low calorie snack:

First point has to be for the weight watchers. Dates are a low calorie snack even though it has natural sugars. They can be taken after or before workout. You may have them alone or add them to your milk to make date milkshake. (Can anyone see I am drooling πŸ˜› )

Energy booster:

Dates give you instant energy because of the sugar they contain. This is the reason I said, dates can be taken as a pre- workout snack. They will give you energy without giving the feeling of fullness to your stomach.

High in fiber:

Dates are high in fiber and can be used to cure constipation as well. Soaked dates can be taken with warm or normal water in the morning for better bowel release.

Iron rich:

Iron reminds me β€˜Popeye-the sailor man’, I don’t know why. Anyways so dates are super rich in iron and are used to treat anaemia. They can be taken as it is in morning or overnight soaked. I have been taking them in the overnight soaked form since October this year and they are really effective, trust me.

Potassium rich:

Dates are rich in potassium which keeps heart and blood pressure regulated.

Vitamin and antioxidant rich:

They contain vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5 and C. Also, it contains a lot of antioxidants. So along with body’s health you will have a great skin too.

Serve as a great sweet substitute:

Dates can be eaten alone or with nuts, as it is or with a twist to satisfy your sweet tooth without adding on calories.

Keeps your teeth healthy:

Now teeth need to be taken care of very well or otherwise you got to spend a whole fortune to afford a good dentist. πŸ˜‰

Anyways, dates are one of those fruits which need to be chewed properly when taken raw, so that stimulates a lot of saliva and in turn control the acid attack on the teeth. Also they contain fluorine which helps prevent tooth decay. But ah-an, the thing is- you got to swish your mouth nicely after having these as they are sweet and sticky too.

Helps in lowering cholesterol and keeps the heart healthy.

Dates are said to be very beneficial for pregnant females too.

How many of you like dates? And how do you prefer having them? Do let me know in the comments.

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  1. I love them and do find it nutrious as well as best sweet alternative….but heard they are very high in GI/GL index? How many of them can we safely have?

  2. Thanks Ashu for this post. I have been watching my diet for the last 16 days. The first thing in the moring I do is munch 3 dates and start my household work.
    u r right it helps bowel movement and a good energy booster too.
    But never knew that they are high GI food. I eat 3 on empty stomach .
    is there any specific limit ?can we munch it in between as well?

    • welcome Mitha.. read my reply to TA.. also I have mentioned in the post that you can munch them before or after exercising as well.. πŸ™‚


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