Health Benefits of Donating Blood


Health Benefits of Donating Blood


health benefits of blood donation

 Health Benefits of Donating Blood

 All of us must have heard “Donate Blood. Save Life”. And many of us must have donated blood as well. Motive, mostly being saving life, doing good for others. Hardly aware of the fact that donating blood not only does good for the person receiving it, but also does good for the donor!!! Studies show that donating blood at regular intervals has many positive impacts on the health of the donor. Let us understand the process of blood donation and its benefits in a gist.


The whole process takes approximately 15-20 minutes in all. Firstly the donor has to get him/herself registered for the donation. Personal details regarding medical history, recent diseases if any, food habits etc are noted by the doctors present there. Mini check-up is performed to check the blood pressure, cholesterol levels, hemoglobin levels and weight. There after the blood is collected from the donor. After which some refreshments is provided to the donors, so that they do not suffer from weakness or low blood pressure due to the loss of blood. One can get back to normal activity in 15 mins time.

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Benefits of blood donation:

Donating blood benefits the donor also in many ways. Some of them are listed below:

  • Reduces risk of Heart disease

Iron forms an important part of the blood. Presence of iron beyond certain level can cause the formation of free radicals in the body which is said to cause cellular changes which in turn disrupt normal cell function. Iron also causes the blood to thicken which may cause friction in the blood vessels as the blood moves throughout the body. These can disrupt the blood circulation and cause hardening of arteries which can cause Heart attacks. Pre-menopausal women tend to have half the amount of iron in blood as compared to men because they lose iron every month through menstruation. And as such, they suffer fewer heart attacks than men. However, once a woman goes through menopause her risk of heart attack increases, but donating blood can reduce that risk.

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  • Reduces risk of Hemochromatosis, Cancer and other diseases

Excess iron can also cause hemochromatosis, a genetic disorder where individuals absorb more iron than normal, which can lead to iron stores in the body. Eventually the iron may build up to such high levels that organs are damaged. This may lead to cancer as well. As mentioned earlier iron can cause the arteries to thicken and cause friction in the movement of the blood which may also lead to cancer. Iron accumulation can damage any part of the body, including the brain, liver, pancreas, lungs or heart.

  •  Burns Calories

Recent studies have shown that donating blood burns calories. One time blood donation helps burn 650 kcal. So, regular blood donations may help one in weight control.

  •  Maintains Blood Pressure

With the decrease in levels of iron and production of new blood cells post donation helps reducing and maintaining blood pressure and blood glucose.

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  •  Makes one happy and healthy

One time blood donation helps save 3 lives!!! Saving someone’s life would surely make anyone happy. And being happy in turn helps the body stay fit. With the production of new blood cells, the energy levels also improve.

  •  Other benefits

 Other benefits include Free Health Check up which is mandatory as a part of the Blood donation process. Personal and confidential interaction with the doctors helps to diagnose diseases in their early stages.

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How much blood should you donate?

Men can donate blood at an interval of 3 months; while women should restrict it to twice or thrice a year else it may lead to iron deficiency. Donating blood helps the donor to maintain his/her health and at the same time experience the joy of saving somebody’s life.

Are you ready to donate blood for health benefits?

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