Health Benefits Of Eating Salad Before A Meal


Health Benefits Of Eating Salad Before A Meal

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It is summer and this time of the year makes us easily tired. As the mercury rises you need to find out a rescue route. Naturally cooling things are the call of the season. You needn’t rely on drinks to cool you down. You can have something solid too. What can be better than having cucumber and tomato salad? Adding greens and fruits to it is an even better idea.

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 Health benefits of eating salad before a meal

In India, we usually serve salad before or along the main meal. It is advantageous to have your salad before the meal because of the following reasons:

  • Vegetables are high in water content and fiber. This occupies space in the stomach and the best part is that they are low in calories. This will prevent you from indulging too much in your main meal.
  • Salads help in controlling your weight because of lesser consumption of calories. You will feel satisfied with a smaller portion of your main meal.
  • Salads reduce the cholesterol levels.

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Salads for overall health

Salads are known to be beneficial for overall health if you add a lot of veggies, fruits and greens to it.

  • You get sufficient fiber from salads which is vital for the digestive system and also for the body’s metabolism.
  • They also act as roughage for the digestive tract.
  • Fruits and veggies have loads of antioxidants in them. They help in boosting the body’s immunity and also prevent cancer.
  • In summer salads replenish the reduced energy levels and build up the lost immunity. It maintains the desirable pH balance of the body.
  • Salads help in losing weight.
  • Salads have vital nutrients such as minerals and calcium. This helps in ensuring good bone and teeth health.
  • If you happen to add dressing to your salads that too of olive oil, you would be consuming healthy fat.
  • Consuming green veggies and fruits benefit the body’s circulatory system.
  • Certain veggies like carrot and tomatoes have free radicals in them that are beneficial to the body. Vitamin A found in carrots and spinach helps in sharpening the eyesight.
  • Greens and spinach added to the salad boost protein production in the muscles that make them strong. Just like Popeye 😉
  • If you happen to add lettuce, you can fight insomnia.
  • Salads protect against heart disease.

 Salad ideas

The salad culture in India is pretty different, you most probably have salads with chat masala sprinkled on it. The usual salad at home comprises of cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and radish. It is time you move ahead and add some zing to it.

  • You can include corn kernels, sprouts, leafy veggies like cabbage, lettuce. To make it more interesting add a dash of lime juice, salt, pepper and a little olive oil. (This is what is called as dressing, you needn’t think that it is something exotic!)
  • Make a salad with fruits. Include apples, pineapples, mango and tomatoes.

Let your imagination come to play!

 Do you agree that there are health benefits of eating salad before a meal?

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