Health Benefits Of Gohyah Tea Unraveled

Goodness of bitter gourd juice or karela juice

Health Benefits Of Gohyah Tea Unraveled

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Gohyah or the more commonly known veggie bitter gourd can be had as a tea too!!! I know you must be wondering that it must be bitter to the core. However, it has the ability of sweetening your life in many ways. If you are a fan of herbal teas then this one is for you!

Bitter gourd

Goodness of bitter gourd juice or karela juice 2

First let us have a look at bitter gourd, our very own karela. I know you are making faces right now due to the bitter taste of this veggie but it has lots of phytonutrients that protect from life threatening diseases like cancer. It has antioxidants, fibre, iron, folate, vitamins A, C, B-complex, magnesium, potassium, zinc, manganese and flavonoids.

Herbal tea prepared from bitter gourd

After knowing how good bitter gourd is, it is but natural to accept the fact that its herbal tea will also be good. The veggies’ dried slices are used in preparing the gohyah tea. The Chinese have it on a regular basis in their diet due to its medicinal properties. The herbal concoction is known to prevent diabetes and cancer. It is also known to ward off infections.

Benefits of drinking gohyah tea

Gohyah tea health benefits

The tea is known to control high blood sugar and insulin resistance, thus prevents diabetes. Consuming this tea on a regular basis is helpful in reducing really high blood sugar levels in those who suffer from type 2 diabetes. Bitter gourd has a plant insulin that lowers levels of blood sugar. It also has a compound that enhances the uptake of glucose. Gohyah tea is an alternative treatment for diabetes.

However, people with low blood sugar are warned against taking this tea. It is always better to consult the doctor before switching to any kind of treatment even if it is herbal. Also, it just can’t be regarded as the only treatment for diabetes.

Prevents obesity

This one sounds good! Gohyah tea is known to prevent the storage of fat cells in the body. It breaks down triglycerides and fatty acids so that they get metabolized instead of getting stored. This effect prevents obesity and it also lowers BP.

Slows down aging

The herbal tea has vitamin C in it that gives a natural boost to the skin. This vitamin builds new cells and flushes out toxins. Vitamin C is known to heal wounds too. It also a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals in the body that are the culprits behind fast aging.

Fights cancer

Being a store of phytonutrients, this tea neutralizes oxidative damage to cells. Cancer causing cells can become normal with the effect of the antioxidants in gohyah tea.

Cures infections

Bitter gourd is word famous for its medicinal properties. In the same manner, gohyah tea has antimicrobial qualities that cure minor infections. It cures fever, cough, and wounds too.

Here is how you can make the tea and have it on a regular basis

  • Cut thin slices of bitter gourd with the skin intact
  • Add them to boiling water
  • Boil them for 5 to 10 minutes till the slices steep
  • Remove the slices of bitter gourd and your broth is ready!
  • Add a sweetener so that you don’t find it too bitter.

Will the Health Benefits Of Gohyah Tea make you ready to try it out?

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