Health Benefits Of Going Vegan


Health Benefits Of Going Vegan

Many people face this confusion as to what is Vegan diet and how is it different from Vegetarian diet or is there any difference at all…

Answer to their doubts….YES vegan and vegetarian diets are different, though not much. Vegan is a sub-type of Vegetarian diet. Though not much difference exists, but still, these two cannot be synonymous.There are types or groups of Vegetarian diets.

Benefits Of Going Vegan

  • One group is Lacto-ovo vegetarians, in which people eat vegetarian diet including dairy products and eggs.
  • Then there is Lacto vegetarian group, in which only diary products are included along with vegetarian diet and eggs are completely avoided.
  • Then the other group is, Vegan Vegetarians, people who eliminate animal products altogether from their diet. Neither egg nor diary products are consumed by them.

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Vegan versus vegetarian

Vegetarian is a type of diet, whereas, Vegan can more aptly be called a type of lifestyle. Vegans’ tremendous concern for animals is an enduring, overriding passion in their lives. They believe in equal right and justice for animals. They avoid causing any harm to animals, in any manner whatsoever. According to them, humans have no need to consume animal products, as there are many options in vegetarian foods that provide equal or greater health benefits.  And for many others, being Vegan is just for reaping the health benefits of this diet.


Those following a vegan lifestyle generally do not wear leather and avoid products made from animals such as wool, silk and the like. They also do not eat products that contain gelatin or other meat-based products.

Health Benefits Of Going Vegan

Vegan diet has umpteen health benefits as well. It is any day better than just vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet which is scientifically too, proved to cause harm to our health and body. Health benefits aren’t just derived by eliminating meat etc. Vegan diet provides benefit when the right diet is followed and that too in the right way.

Health benefits that the Vegan diet offers can be summed up as under:

  •  Highly nutritious

Vegan diet, since it includes mainly veggies and fruits is very rich in fiber, folate, Vitamins, Phytochemicals, proteins etc. Diary products and meat contain high amounts of saturated fats. So, being vegan, we can avoid these fats and be healthy.

  •  Good for the Heart

Studies say that dairy-products and meat free diet, improves cardiovascular health as it is contains very less cholesterol. Dairy products and meat contain high amounts of fats and cholesterol. So eliminating these, can be very fruitful for the heart.

  •  Prevents Cancer

Eating a diet consisting of whole grains, along with fresh fruits and vegetables, can greatly help reduce the chances of cancer. Many of these good foods help getting rid of the free radicals which are said to be associated with many type of cancers.

  •  Prevents Blood pressure and Diabetes

Vegan diet is rich in all those nutrients which help stabilize and control blood pressure and diabetes. Leafy vegetables and grains are an essential part of the diet recommended by the doctors for people suffering from these diseases.

  •  Improves Digestion and provides Energy

Vegan diet is a good source of carbohydrates, which is the main source of energy in our body. Vegan diet is easy to digest and thus rarely cause indigestion. Proper digestion helps release more energy.

  •  Aids Weight Loss

Diet followed by Vegans is highly rich in the essential nutrition and very low in calories. Dairy products and meat are rich sources of fats and calories. So, avoiding these products and increasing green veggies and fruits aid weight loss and prevent weight gain.

  •  Healthier Skin and Hair

As said before, vegan diet provides most of the nourishment needed by our body. Vitamin A and E from veggies and fruits benefits hair and skin tremendously.

  •  Eliminates Bad breath and Body odour

Dairy products and non-vegetarian food contribute to body odour and bad breath to a large extent. Going Vegan can help solve these problems.

  •  Longer life

Vegan diet, as said helps treat and prevent many diseases. It improves most of the systems of our body. And when all the systems of our body work well, we are sure to live longer.

  •  Other benefits

Animals are many times fed with anti-biotics and other harmful medicines in order to make them grow faster and to increase their productivity in an artificial manner. These medicines and toxic chemicals find entry into our body through the animal products consumed and then cause havoc in our body. Going vegan can eliminate these dangers.

Apart from the health benefits, following Vegan life style has other benefits too. It helps in saving animals from being slaughtered brutally for the selfish purpose of humans.

Vegan diet does provide good and adequate nutrition. Some people may be required to take Vitamin B12 supplements. Except for that it holds no disadvantages. So, going Vegan is surely beneficial in all aspects.

There are extra health benefits of being Vegan, Do you agree?

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