Incredible Health Benefits Of Lemons

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Health Benefits Of Lemons

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Do you love lemons? With the summer at its peak you simply can’t resist a glass of chilled lemonade. Adding a dash of  lemon juice to your salad will make it more palatable! Now let us focus on the health benefits that are offered by lemons.


Lemon is said to be high in vitamin C, various plant compounds and fibre. These nutrients are behind the health benefits of lemons. Lemons are known to be  good for heart health, controlling weight, digestive health and a lot more!

1) Good for heart health

Lemons are great source of vitamin C. Just one lemon provides you with 51% of the RDI of vitamin C. But it is not just the vitamin C that is good for the heart. The fibre and plant chemicals present in lemons have a role to play in lowering the risk factors for heart disease.

2) Weight loss

Lemons are a well known weight loss food. There are many theories behind it.

One says that soluble fibre ‘pectin’ expands in the belly keeping it full for long. However, people don’t eat whole lemons and the juice of lemon has no pectin in it!

According to another theory, drinking hot water with lemon helps in weight loss. However, simply drinking water can increase your calorie burning capacity, so it is water that is helping with weight loss and not the lemon.

Research shows that lemon extracts have plant compounds that help in reduction of weight. But this study was done on mice. So, weight loss effects of lemons on humans are still unknown.

3) Prevents formation of kidney stones

Kidney stones are quite common. Citric acid is said to be helpful in preventing kidney stones by increasing the volume of urine and its pH. This reduces the chances of the formation of kidney stone.

Just half a cup of lemon juice per day would do. Certain studies have found lemonade effective but there are mixed results. There is a need of further research.

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4) Helps in protecting from anaemia

Anaemia occurs when you have a deficiency of iron.  Lemons have some amount of iron but they help prevent anaemia by helping the body absorb iron from plant foods due to the vitamin C and citric acid they contain.

5) Reduces cancer risk

Some studies have found that those who eat the most amount of citrus fruits have lower chances of cancer. However, other studies regarding the same did not find any effects. According to some researchers, there are plant compounds in lemon that can possible have anti-cancer effects. What should be noted is that in the study a very strong dose of chemicals has been used; a lot higher than what you get by eating lemons or oranges. Quality tests yet have to be done on humans though.

6) Improves digestion

Lemon has 10% of carbs and they are chiefly in the form of soluble fibre and simple sugar. The main fibre in lemons is pectin which is a soluble fibre that has a lot of health benefits. Soluble fibre improves the health of the gut, slows down the digestion of starches and sugars resulting in reduced levels of blood sugar. But to get all these benefits you need to eat lots of lemons with their pulp and skin. Most of us who use the juice lone are missing out on the benefits of the fibre.

So, include a lot of lemons in your diet!

Hope you liked this post on the health benefits of lemons!

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