Incredible Health Benefits Of Licorice Or Mulethi


Incredible Health Benefits Of Licorice Or Mulethi

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Licorice root or mulethi, as it is known in Hindi, has a great list of well documented health benefits. This single herb is capable of treating a wide spectrum of things and one of them is treating cough and sore throat. In most Indian households people consume mulethi when they are down with a sore throat. But there are a lot of other benefits of mulethi too. Let us look at the most common health benefits of mulethi or licorice root.

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Depressed Woman prevent depression naturally

Mulethi has a compound that helps ease nervousness and depression by perking up the functioning of the adrenal glands. It is the job of adrenal glands to control stress hormones like cortisol. Licorice root also has another compound that helps in preserving the equilibrium in the nervous system of the body.

Cardiovascular health

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Research shows that licorice root helps control cholesterol levels by improving the flow of bile. Bile is responsible for eliminating excessive cholesterol in the body. Also, licorice has an antioxidant effect that helps enhance capillary health and reduce the growth of plaque in the arteries.


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Licorice root and its phytoestrogenic and antioxidant action is useful for hormone related issues like exhaustion, hot flashes, and mood swings that women of menopausal age go through. Consuming licorice is useful in controlling hormonal problems if a woman is going through menopause.

Menstrual cramps and PMS

The herb being a moderate estrogenic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic element helps women deal with symptoms of PMS such as breast tenderness, nausea, bloating, menstrual cramps and also mood swings. Consuming licorice tea 3 days prior to that time of the month can provide some relief.

Skin problems

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Individuals make use of this herb as poultices in treating skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes, and dry and itchy skin. Even research supports the fact that licorice helps treat skin problems.

Gastric troubles

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One benefit of licorice root is also that it helps deal with digestive trouble and issues with the intestines. The licorice root has flavanoids that provide relief from digestive discomfort and inflammation. It also has soothing agents that soothe the digestive system, keeping bowel movement healthy. Have licorice root tea if you have gastric trouble.

Weight reduction

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Research has to say that people witnessed a significant loss of body fat after consuming 3 g of licorice root extract every day for two months. However, consuming licorice for a long time period is not advisable. Though research suggests the routine use of licorice root for a period of 2 months, it is better to stop using the herb for 1 week after every 2 weeks during the 2 month period.

Everyone wants to lose weight the easy way but it is not so. You can lose body fat by eating healthy and doing regular workouts. Depending just upon herbs will not give you the desired body. Diet control and exercising are the hard way but the truth is that there is no shortcut to success not even for weight loss.

Words of caution

Though the benefits of licorice of mulethi must have left you amazed, you shouldn’t have it for long periods without any medical supervision. The long term usage results in hypertension low potassium levels in the blood and fluid retention in the body. Those who already have heart problems should not be consuming this herb.

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