Amazing Health Benefits Of Mushrooms

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Amazing Health Benefits Of Mushrooms

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Do you eat mushrooms? They are widely available in the market and have a distinct taste to offer to food, very unlike regular fruits and veggies.

Eastern cultures have always valued the health benefits of mushrooms. Grouped with vegetables, mushrooms provide the nutrients that are commonly found in grains, meat and beans. Added advantage is that mushrooms are low in calories, free of fat, free of cholesterol, gluten free, low in sodium.

Amazing health benefits of mushrooms

What mushrooms actually are?

I know you want to know what they actually are, whether they are from the plant kingdom or animal kingdom. Mushrooms are fungi and are classified as their own kingdom which is different from that of plants and animals. Even though they are not vegetables, they are placed in the vegetable category.

Nutrients present in Mushrooms

B vitamins

Mushrooms are a rich source of B-vitamins which include riboflavin, pantothenic acid and niacin. They help in the breaking down of proteins, fats and carbohydrates to provide energy. They also have an essential role to play in the functioning of the nervous system.

Essential minerals

Selenium– Mushrooms are one of the richest sources of selenium. The mineral works as an antioxidant, is essential for the immune system and for fertility in men. Vegetarians have very limited sources of selenium, thanks to mushrooms even vegetarians can get their dose of selenium.

Ergothioneine– It is an antioxidant that occurs naturally. It helps in protecting the cells of the body. Mushrooms provide anything between 2.8-4.9 mg of Ergothioneine in one serving of mushrooms.

Copper– Mushrooms have copper that help in making red blood cells and keep nerves and bones healthy.

Potassium– Mushrooms provide potassium that helps in maintaining mineral balance.


Beta-glucans are found in mushroom. They possess immunity-stimulating ability that contributes to resistance against allergies and can also take part in the physiological process related to fat and sugar metabolism in the body.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Mushrooms


Scientists have been able to find a potential link between mushrooms and the reduced chances of tumour growth and development. However, this has been tested only on animals. Researchers are planning to apply the research on humans. It sounds quite promising!

Anti-oxidants and immunity

The presence of selenium and the naturally occurring antioxidant ergothioneine in mushrooms makes it a leading source of antioxidants. This way the body’s cells are protected from the damage caused by free radicals. This helps in warding off chronic diseases. Mushroom also helps in strengthening the body’s immunity.

Vitamin D

Why is Vitamin D Important Vitamin D Deficiency

If you are planning to increase your vitamin D intake, please think of mushrooms. They are the only source of vitamin D in the produce section and that too they are non-fortified sources of vitamin D.

Weight management

Mushrooms are quite filling. Preliminary studies suggest that an increased intake of food with low calories like mushrooms instead of high calorie foods like lean ground beef is an effective way of reducing daily calorie consumption and fat intake. So, this is definitely going to work for weight loss! Mushrooms will make you feel satiated faster.

Chicken soup mushrooms

You can enjoy mushrooms in a numerous ways in soups, stir-fry and curries. You can us them in place of meat as mushroom when finely chopped looks and tastes similar to meat. You can add nutrients to your food without compromising on taste. Mushrooms provide the umami flavour to food. Umami is the 5th basic taste apart from sweet, salty, sour and bitter.

How did you find the amazing health benefits of mushrooms?

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