Top 9 Health Benefits Of Playing Basketball


Top 9 Health Benefits Of Playing Basketball

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Basketball is a wonderful way to get fit and stay in shape. It doesn’t matter if you are shooting hoops by yourself or playing a full flashed game! Do you know that The US President Barack Obama plays basketball every day as a part of his fitness routine.

Health Benefits Of Playing Basketball

Read on to find out the top health benefits of playing basketball,

1) Helps burn calories

Basketball involves running, jumping and quick movements. These provide a lot of aerobic exercise and can burn a lot of calories. Playing one hour of basketball can help a person weighing 82.5 kg to burn about 600 calories. A 125 kg person can burn up to 900 calories. Isn’t that just great?

2) Great for the health of the cardiovascular system

Basketball helps in developing cardiovascular endurance. When you keep moving, your heart rate is up. Building endurance this way can help in keeping your heart healthy and reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease later in life.

3) Helps develop self-discipline and concentration

Like any other sport, you have a set of rules that you have to follow while playing basketball. When you break a rule you land up with penalties for yourself and for the team too. So, by playing the game you develop self discipline that makes you competitive but fair at the same time. You try your best to play a clean game and concentrate on succeeding.

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4) Helps in building your bone strength

The physical demands of basketball like jumping around help in developing and improving bone health. The stronger your bones are, the risk of breakage is less. When you do weight bearing physical activity, new bone tissue gets formed to make your bone stronger. Both your bones and muscles become stronger when you push and tug during the game.

5) Improves motor skills and coordination

Jump shooting and free-throw shooting are helpful in training eye-hand coordination. Rebounding the shots you have missed is another skill that needs full-body coordination. The 3rd basic basketball skill which is dribbling needs a finer degree of coordination. When you learn basket ball for the first time, dribbling trains the eye-hand coordination and once you master it, you will no longer look at the ball while dribbling! So, it improves motor coordination.

6) Provides strength training

Basketball is known to provide an excellent workout for the whole body. It can help in developing lean muscle. By playing some serious basketball, you can develop the body’s muscles in areas like neck and lower back. Finer movements such as dribbling and shooting are great for strengthening the muscles of the arms, wrist and hands.

7) Helps in mental development

Basketball is a fast-paced mental game. Research says that players need to develop a lot of attention in order to quickly and accurately grasp what is happening on the court and make right decisions with the ball. You need to constantly observe both the teammates and opponents and choose the right course of action. Such mental training will help you make quick decisions in other real life situations.

8) Helps reduce stress and boosts immunity

When you play basketball or any other sport, your stress gets reduced and it gives you an opportunity to socialize. Individuals who are social have a lower risk of having depression and will have a stronger immune system.

9) It enhances confidence

Basketball builds confidence. Your confidence and self esteem will increase when you make good shots and are part of a good team. A person who is confident has more faith in her skills and is capable of facing life in a better manner.

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