6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Raw Mango


Health Benefits Of Raw Mango

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The great part of summer is that I get to eat lots of mangoes. I love pulpy ripe mangoes but at the same time I adore raw mangoes. I literally drool at the sight of a raw mango. Every year my mom buys kilos of raw mango to make pickle. While helping her chop them I simply can’t control myself and end up popping a few pieces in my mouth. I am sure there are many people who can relate with me. Raw mango makes most people lose control. A bit of spicy masala sprinkled on top of tangy raw mango slices is the best thing you can ever taste.

raw-mango-slices-health benefits of raw mango, Health Benefits Of Raw Mango

Apart from being tasty, they are also a storehouse of nutrients. They help in dealing with heatstroke, indigestion and acne along with other health conditions. Here are 6 amazing health benefits of raw mango:

1) Helps prevent acne

Astringent properties of raw mango are known to prevent the accumulation of dirt and oil in the pores of the skin. You simply need to boil a piece of raw mango in water and then apply the same on your face before sleeping off. The next morning you need to wash off your face with warm water. This will help treat acne.

2) Helps relieve heat stroke

Raw mangoes are known to act as a wonderful cooling agent, they are helpful in restoring the loss fluid in the body due to the heat. They also help maintain the right fluid balance. If you happen to come across some of the symptoms of heatstroke during the scorching summers, the best remedy is to sip a glass of aam panna. Also, seek medical attention right away.

Mango panna- top 6 refreshing indian drinks

3) Maintains your blood pressure

 Loaded with potassium, raw mangoes are helpful in maintaining an electrolyte balance in the body, thereby controlling the blood pressure and lowering the risk of heart disease.

4) Improves your digestion

There are volatile compounds and fibre in raw mango. It helps improve digestion by stimulating the secretion of the digestive juices. Along with that it lowers the risk of indigestion and other stomach woes. So, munching onto a bit of raw mangoes and adding it your food will prevent stomach problems.

5) Helps in boosting immunity

The season change can make you fall sick. If your immunity is low, it would be wise to consider adding some raw mangoes to your diet. An easy way of protecting yourself 😉 Raw mango is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, thereby boosting immunity and lowering your chances of an infection. You can include it in your meals in the form of a chutney too.

6) Food for the skin

It is not very widely known that raw mangoes have antioxidants that play an essential role in the synthesis of collagen. It gives you a glowing skin and also delays signs of ageing. So, don’t forget to eat raw mango if you want to keep your skin young and radiant.

Hope this post on health benefits of raw mango has been useful!

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