Health Benefits Of Rock Salt And Black Salt


Health Benefits Of Rock Salt And Black Salt

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‘Salt’ is essential for our existence and you have options to choose from!! It is not just the same old table salt that you must rely on; you have rock salt and black salt as well. I needn’t say all this because in India both rock salt and black salt are well known as sendha namak and kala namak respectively. Allow me to rediscover the benefits of rock salt and black salt.

Table salt

Table salt- benefits of rock salt n black salt

Let me begin the normal table salt we consume day in and day out. Table salt is sourced from underground salt deposits. It is vigorously processed and this process removes the minerals in it. Anti-caking additives are added to it so that it is free flowing. Table salt is iodised because iodine is essential to maintain the health of the thyroid. Small children need iodine for the development of their brain. This means including salt in our diet is essential.

Rock Salt (Sendha Namak)

Rock salt- benefits of rock salt

Rock salt is called Sendha namak in India. Its grains are large. It is course and dissolves properly in water. The underground deposits of dried up lakes is the source of rock salt. The salt is unrefined and contains no additives. When compared to table salt, rock salt is low in sodium. It has 94 trace minerals in it.

Rock salt is used during religious fasts of Navratri, Krishna Jayanti, and other festivals. The purity of this salt is the reason for its usage for religious purposes.

Health benefits of rock salt

  • Rock salt is beneficial to the heart
  • It is considered to be helpful for diabetics
  • The salt helps in preventing osteoporosis
  • It is reduces stress and depression
  • It treats muscle numbness and cramps
  • It regulates the blood pressure
  • It helps in keeping the blood vessels flexible
  • It aids digestion
  • It helps in maintaining the appropriate acid-alkaline levels in the body
  • The salt relieves arthritis related problems
  • It helps in relieving numerous skin problems

Due to all the benefits it has to offer, it is used as an ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines.

You must also be adding it in your raitas, chutneys and chaats.

Black Salt (Kala Namak)

Black Salt- benefits of black salt

The black salt is a dark brown coloured crystalline salt. On grinding it to a fine powder, it becomes pink grey in colour. The smell of the salt is slightly sulphurous just like boiled eggs. This is because of the presence of sulphur in it.

It is cooling in nature and rich in iron. Its iron content is the reason for its dark colour. The salt is sourced from salt mines in Pakistan and North India. It has lower sodium content.

It has several health benefits so it is used in Ayurvedic medicines.

Health benefits of black salt

  • It treats indigestion, bloating and gas
  • It is effective for relieving heart burn
  • It also treats constipation
  • It treats goitre and hysteria
  • The salt also treats poor vision
  • It is helpful in regulating high blood pressure
  • The iron content in it helps in treating anemia
  • It helps maintain a proper balance of sodium and phosphorus in the body

Needless to say, it is added to chaat, salads, chutneys and fruits in our Indian households.

So, I have briefly covered the health benefits of rock salt and black salt. Hope you find it useful.

I think you should add rock salt and black salt in your food!

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