Top 5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sweating


Health Benefits of Sweating

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I have a friend who sweats profusely right from her teens. After PT class in school she used to be the one who used to be drenched in sweat and would guzzle down a whole bottle of water. You must also have one friend or colleague who sweats way too much. More on profuse sweating and ways to avoid it at the end of this post! Stay with us!

Woamn sweating- Do you suffer from body heat

Sweating is natural. All of us sweat but in front of a third person it can get embarrassing. The unpleasant odour is like adding insult to injury. But are you aware that sweating can have a lot of health benefits to offer?

According to a dermatologist, sweating is the way the body protects itself from getting overheating. Sweating also increases the circulation of blood in the body. It is like a built in mechanism for keeping the body cool.

Here are the health benefits of sweating

1) Helps boost endorphins

You experience prolonged sweating while working out at the gym or while walking briskly in the sun. When you exercise the feel good endorphin hormones are released. Studies say that people who workout in groups have an increased endorphin level when compared to those working out alone. Sweating it out in the Zumba class or hot Yoga class can light up your face with a smile.

2) Helps in detoxifying the body

The best way to detoxify your body without juicing is by letting yourself sweat. Sweating flushes out salt, cholesterol and even alcohol. The body releases toxins via sweat. Sweat removes toxins out of the body that can otherwise clog skin pores and cause blemishes and pimples.

3) Kidney stone risk is lowered

Sweating is a great way to sweat out salt and retain the calcium in the bones. This way the accumulation of salt and calcium in the kidneys and urine is limited, preventing formation of stones. It isn’t a coincidence that people who sweat profusely, drink more of fluids and this is a prevention method for kidney stones.

4) Prevents colds and certain illnesses

Perspiring can actually help fight tuberculosis and other disease causing pathogens. Sweat has antimicrobial peptides that combat viruses, fungi and bacteria. The peptides are known to enter the membranes of bacteria and break them down.

5) Sweating prevents pimples

When you sweat, your pores open up and the buildup inside them is released. Sweat expels toxins out of the body that can clogs pores and cause blemishes and pimples as already mentioned above.

However, the benefits to skin health are only valid to those who have mild to moderate sweating. Those with excessive sweating can get skin infections like warts and tinea. There are chances of getting eczema and rashes.

woman sweating- home remedies for excessive sweating

How to avoid excessive sweating?

Sweating profusely can be a big problem. To fix it you should avoid caffeine and try wearing natural materials. Get the opinion of a dermatologist.

Always remember it is okay to sweat it out during a workout or while dancing.

Hope you liked this post on the Health Benefits of Sweating!

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