Health Benefits Of Tears-Good Reasons To Cry


Health Benefits Of Tears

We’ve known for long that laughter is good for our health. But ever heard – Crying too, is good for health? Yes! Crying too, is good for us. Men may scoff at the tendency of the fairer sex to have emotional outbursts, but studies prove that crying actually has positive effects. It reduces tensions, removes toxins and increases the body’s ability to heal itself, both physically and emotionally.

Health Benefits Of Tears

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Crying is not just a response to some form of sorrow or frustration or problem, it is a natural way to reduce emotional stress, which can have negative effects on the health and body, if left unchecked.

Crying heals us physiologically, psychologically, and spiritually. It works as good as a therapy.

Are all tears the same?

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Tears work such wonders, which we may have not even imagined.  But then all tears are not the same. Yes! There are in fact three types of tears:

  • Basal Tears    

These tears lubricate and protect the eye.

  • Reflex Tears

These flush out irritants such as smoke particles or onion vapours.

  • Emotional Tears

These are shed in response to emotions. Emotional tears are the ones which do much good than the others. These tears differ from Basal and Reflex Tears not only by its cause but also by its chemical composition, being considerably richer in certain substances such as manganese and potassium, prolactin and adrenocorticotropic hormone which increased due to the rise in the level of stress.

Is crying good for us?

Let’s see how crying and shedding tears is so good for us.

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  • Protects the Eyes:

Eyes are tears’ abode. Tears do many good things for the eyes while they flow from them. Tears foremost lubricate the eyes and prevents the dehydration of various mucous membranes. It thus improves eyesight.

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Tears have anti-bacterial properties as well which helps kill bacteria in the eyes and surrounding membranes.

In situations where dirt or like foreign particles enter our eyes, the instant response is tears. These tears flush out those irritants so that they do no harm to the eyes. Tears also clear our vision.

  • Removes Toxins:

Tears also remove toxins from our body. Emotional tears, formed in distress, grief etc–contain more toxic by-products than the other two types of tears. These tears actually remove toxins from our body that build up due to stress. Release of these toxins benefits our health.

  •  Relieves stress:

Crying helps remove some of the chemicals built up in the body due to stress, like the endorphin and prolactin. Prolactin release in tears helps reduce stressful feelings and boosts the immune system. Women have more prolactin than men, which may be one reason why women cry more than men. When we cry, our breathing also deepens, which helps reducing the production of stress hormones- cortisol, which also reduces the level of stress.

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  • Elevates mood:

Anxiety, nervousness, irritability, fatigue, aggression, emotional disturbance, any of these can make us cry. The act of crying can help reduce these emotional turmoils. A person then feels less troubled with these emotions. And crying also releases certain hormones which, kind of sedates the mind and makes us feel more relieved and light. These hormones also boost and elevate the mood.

  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol:

Crying, as said, triggers the release of quite a many different types of hormones and chemicals in our body, which have many good impacts. These hormones help lower blood pressure, heart-beats and pulses as well. Manganese is said to inhibit bad-cholesterol. When we cry, manganese is released, which flow with the tears, which in turn would reduce the bad-cholesterol in the body.

  • Good for the Heart:

Since crying relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, maintains steady heartbeats and pulse, it takes care of most of the factors that can lead to heart ailments. Suppressed feelings, stress, anxiety all are the demons which eat up the heart and increase the risk of heart problems. Crying thus takes care of the heart-health.

  • Release feelings:

Crying provides a vent to our suppressed and overwhelming feelings. Emotional tears can be an expression for various emotions; happiness, sorrow, grief, fear, anxiety, stress and many more. Tears help in releasing these feelings before they create any havoc within us, thus helping us to get back to normal very soon. Psychological effects of tears are immense.

Tears are very much cathartic, a natural therapy which soothes our mind and soul and our body as well. The worst thing we can do is to stifle a cry, because when we bury sad emotions, they don’t vanish; they just become worse and come out as anger or bitterness, which over the time make us feel obnoxious.

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With the new evolving studies and research, it has been found that 83% women and 73% men too, felt better after crying. The old school of thoughts that posed a taboo on men to cry, because it is considered a feminine act and they are supposed to be stronger, has to be bid adieu now.

Men should also cry, as they also benefit almost equally as women by crying. Crying, once in a while reduces the risk of heart-attacks in men.

So, the next time you feel that lump in your throat or the urge to cry, don’t feel embarrassed or shy, just go ahead, and have a good cry. You will later thank yourself for it!!!

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Do you agree that there are health benefits of tears?

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