Top Health Benefits Of Visiting The Temple


Health Benefits Of Visiting The Temple

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Whether you are an ardent devotee or an atheist, you cannot deny the fact that you feel elevated when you visit the temple. It simply uplifts your senses and spirits. The fragrance of the dhoop and incense sticks, tinkling of bells and chanting of prayers bring on a feeling of calmness in the body.

When you fold your hands in prayer and shut your eyes, you place your biggest fears and hopes in the hands of the Almighty. You leave the temple rejuvenated, happy and satisfied. Have you ever wondered why you have such a feeling after a temple visit? Well, read on!

Amazing Health Benefits Of Visiting The Temple

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Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion. Hindus follow the culture and traditions that have been inherited from their ancestors. Each every ritual in Hinduism has a lot of thought behind it including temple visits.

A temple is a place where there is no discrimination based on caste, creed or religion. It is a place of blessings. Every devotee comes here with a positive thought in their mind and that creates a positive atmosphere in the temple. This helps in calming down the mind and absorbing positive energy and vibrations.

Humans have 5 senses. All temple rituals like ringing the bell, lighting camphor, applying tilak and offering flowers helps activate your senses. As the senses get activated, the human body is able to optimally absorb the positive energy generated in the temple. The rituals help in activating all the 7 healing centres in the body. Many people claim that they have been healed after paying a visit to places of worship. Know about the meaning of rituals and the Health Benefits Of Visiting The Temple.

Why do we enter the temple without any footwear?

Regardless of the fact whether you are from North India or South India, no temple lets you enter its space with your footwear on. This is because temples have a lot of vibrations of electric and magnetic nature. Temple floors absorb positive energy. Walking barefoot on such floors helps the positive energy pass through the body. It is also a symbol of leaving an individual’s ego behind.

Reason for ringing the temple bell

Temple bells have a combination of metals in them such as lead, copper, zinc, nickel and cadmium. The ringing of the bell creates a chiming sound that helps you calm down. Your hearing sense gets activated when you ring the bell. The sound helps create harmony in both hemispheres of the brain.

Why is the camphor lit?

There are two purposes behind lighting camphor. It is lit in the thali during the aarti as it activates the sense of sight in the body. When the thali is brought in front of you, you hover your palm over the flame and then touch the head or eyes. This activates the sense of touch.

Why are flowers offered at the temple?


Flowers are very commonly found in temples. The sight of colourful flowers along with their sweet smell helps improve mood. Also, flowers are soft to touch and that activates the sense of touch.

Why is holy water offered at the temple?

The holy water or teertham is mixture of pure water with herbs and flowers and is stored in a copper vessel. It activates the sense the taste. Drinking from copper vessels has plenty of health benefits.

Reason behind Pradaksina or parikrama

After you offer prayers to the Almightly it is a custom to walk clockwise around the idol. This way, the body absorbs the positive vibrations from the idol and the temple space bringing good health and a feeling of calmness.

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