Major Health Concerns Of Indian Women


Health Concerns Of Indian Women

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There are a lot of health concerns of Indian women. Let us have a look at them!

Young girls in their twenties

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1) Health concerns due to lifestyle issues

Lifestyle habits play a huge role in the lives of girls in their 20’s. Smoking, consuming drugs and drinking alcohol has a huge effect on their overall health. Both smoking and drinking can lead to a multitude of heart and liver diseases. An increased risk of cholesterol issues can also arise with these habits. Even young girls should get their cholesterol tests done as a part of their health routine. The higher levels of cholesterol are a reason behind high blood pressure and diabetes in young girls.

2) Eating disorders

Apart from junk food obsession, young women in their 20’s are at a higher risk of eating disorders such as binge eating, anorexia and bulimia. You need to talk to the doctor about it and get treatment to fix the problem.

3) Obesity

The health concern for women that is topping the charts in India is obesity. You must take steps to get back to your normal weight with the help of a healthcare professional or nutritionist who will provide you with a diet chart and healthy guidelines to lose weight.

4) Menstrual problems

Some young girls are also worried due to irregular periods. Apart from missed menstrual cycles, girls complain of irregular flow, sometimes the bleeding is heavy and sometimes sparse. It is advisable to consult a gynaecologist to help you with proper medicine, diet plans and exercises to reduce the irregularity and menstrual cramps.

Women in their thirties

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1) Fertility

Fertility starts declining when a woman hits her 30’s. In late thirties, it takes even longer for you to get pregnant. The chances of miscarriage and pregnancy related issues tend to increase with age. According to experts, lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking have a hand in reducing fertility. You can discuss these concerns with your health care professional.

Gynaecologists say that there are other social and economic factors too that play a role when it comes to conceiving. Women get married later and career is a bigger priority for them. This makes them push the idea of starting a family to sometime later.

2) Slowing down of metabolism and weight gain

Hitting your 30s can make your metabolism get slowed down. It can lead to an increase in weight. The decline in metabolism is because of various reasons like hormones and genetics. Also, body fat increases at this age. These can be curtailed with regular exercise and yoga. Women in their 30’s should eat a balanced diet that is low on processed stuff and saturated fats. Weight gain is one amongst the several health concerns of Indian women.

3) Diabetes

Weight gain can also lead to pre-diabetes, a condition where the blood glucose is above normal and can result in diabetes if not paid attention. You need to get yourself tested if you have had a family history of it.

4) Risk of breast cancer

Breast cancer is spreading like wildfire in women worldwide. In 20% of the cases in India, it occurs in women below the age of 40. This makes it essential for women to check their breasts and head for a mammogram if anything is not normal.

5) Skin issues

With age there are fine wrinkles and dullness of skin. However, with a balanced diet and plenty of water you can reduce skin ageing. Talk to your dermatologist for further help.

6) Bone health

30’s is the time when you should take your bone health seriously. Bone loss starts in your 30’s and that can lead to severe bone thinning disease such as osteoporosis. Take a calcium rich diet, exercise regularly and do strength training twice or thrice a week.

Women in their forties

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1) Hormonal changes

Lots of hormonal changes take place in a 40 year old woman. At this age, you will hit perimenopuase which is the start of menopause. It brings along physical, emotional as well as psychological changes. Decline in estrogen causes irregularity in periods, depression irritability and sleep problems. Metabolism declines further and weight shifts on to the shoulders, chest and abdomen from the hips and thighs.

2) Depression and anxiety

Those who are unable to take the transition well end up with depression and anxiety. Juggling family, office and old parents can be taxing along with the hormonal changes. Talk to your doctor.

3) Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is rising in women in their 40’s. A calcium rich diet can prevent this condition though. Women need 1000 mg of calcium a day. Include milk, curd, chia seeds, cheese, and almonds every day.

4) Heart diseases

Risk of heart disease goes up at this age. You need to take preventive measures such as regular medical check-ups, screenings and tests to reduce the risk of heart disease.

5) Poor vision

In 40 year olds, it is common to see an increase in poor vision. There may be a need for bifocal glasses, corrective lenses and even eye surgeries.

Hope you can relate to the health concerns of Indian women!

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