Health,Fitness And Beauty Mistakes Women Often Make


Health,Fitness And Beauty Mistakes Women Often Make

Women tend to be more beauty conscious and figure conscious than men but often it happens that women quite ignorantly commit certain blunders in their day to day lives that take a toll on their general health, fitness and beauty every moment, until it starts waning and the deterioration is significantly noticeable to all around and especially to their loved ones.
Let’s take a look at the Health mistakes women often commit ignorantly so that they can be aware and steer clear of such blunders that prove quite damaging to their health and beauty. Read on.

1. Wearing a Wrong Size Bra:

Most women throughout their lives would wear a bra of the inappropriate size. By doing so, you not only spoil the shape of your boobs and make your outfit look un-smart but even invite hoards of health issues like neck pain, back pain, breast issues, skin issues and postural problems too in case the bra you have chosen is too tight. So it is very important to measure your bust line prior to shopping a bra and pick the right fit.

wrong size bra

2. Giving into high heels rage:

Wearing high heels may seem quite fashionable and sexy but if you do so regularly you are actually bringing irreparable damage to your joints. The reason is excessive and ceaseless pressure on the joints and this will consequently lead to orthopedic issues like hammer toes, tendon injuries, arthritis, back pain. Therefore for regular use you are advised not to wear heels higher than 1.5 inches and for minimizing pressure on joints, using insoles would help a lot.

high heel rage

3. More prone to emotional eating:

Women being more emotional than men easily give into emotional eating. And this sudden eating spree proves really unhealthy for you. Apart from blowing your waistline out of shape, it also de-stabilizes your mood, disturbs you emotionally pushing you into depression.

4. Sleeping insufficiently:

Due to multiple chores and responsibilities women often do not get to sleep the normal 7-8 hours which everyone needs for a healthy body. This sort of sleep deprivation or late night work schedule often pave the way for various sorts of health issues like cardiac problems, stress, false appetite and consequent weight gain, depression, headache, fatigue etc. Also, if this continues at a stretch for many days, say for over a month, you might develop critical sleep disorders such as Sleep Apnea or Insomnia.

5. Going off to sleep with the Make-up on:

This is the blunder we often commit. Our tiredness and laziness overpower us so much that we just cannot think of removing the make-up before retiring to bed. The result is damage to skin and damage to eyes if we are wearing eye makeup like Kohl or mascara.

sleeping with makeup

6. Ignoring unexplained sudden weight gain:

If your weight increases suddenly at an abnormal pace, don’t sit quiet at home. It could be an alarm signal for some serious and deadly underlying health issue like ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and breast cancer. So contact your physician right away. Timely steps could save your life.
So these are the common health mistakes women generally commit. I hope after reading this post they will be aware and conscious enough to avoid such mistakes so that their life can be easier, happier and healthier.

Hope you won’t make these mistakes !

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