Why Health Insurance Is A Must For Every Middle Class Indian?


Health Insurance Is A Must For Every Middle Class Indian – Find out why!

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Today’s post is based on a personal experience followed by a very important learning. Most of you know that I work as a Consultant in a multinational company. One of the biggest incentives of working in a MNC is “being insured”. My organization provides a health insurance plan that covers me, my husband and my parents too. I never really had any major health issue, touchwood! Therefore I never really understood what difference a health insurance makes to one’s life.

Recently my mom had to be hospitalized and the bill was a whopping Rs 20,000 for 1 day. Thankfully, my company health insurance provider paid it all! When I checked on the internet I realized that the annual premium of a good health insurance plan is much lesser than this one-time hospital bill.

When I researched a bit more, I found out that employers give their employees and their family insurance coverage but that is valid only till the employee is on rolls. As soon as he or she leaves the job or stops working, the benefits of the policy cannot be availed.

If you are in between jobs or starting something of your own and God forbid you fall sick or have an accident with no health insurance in hand, you will be left with no choice but to shell out a lot of money from your savings! This learning was a nail on the coffin and I immediately decided to cover myself and my family the next day itself with a personal health insurance policy.

Health Insurance Is A Must For Every Middle Class Indian!

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It is essential for every middle class Indian to get an individual and family health insurance plan to enjoy long-term benefits. What kind of medical coverage you choose is based on your personal needs. You can choose a health insurance policy that suits your pocket. You have a wide variety these days with so many health insurance policies offering good coverage at a pocket-friendly annual premium.

Everyone should remember that nobody knows what the future beholds. Illness doesn’t inform you beforehand. You should be prepared for it all. These days due to changing lifestyle even ailments are on the rise. There are higher chances of people to fall sick. Some of the life threatening ailments are heart attack, stroke and cancer. To face such ailments you need to be financially ready. However, the treatment amount is so high that at times people are unable to arrange for it. The long list of medical bills and last moment expenses become difficult to handle.

Having a health insurance policy is both feasible and beneficial as when you compare the cost of treatment and the premium you have to pay for the policy every year, the latter is less than the former. It is thus advisable to buy a suitable insurance policy. I bought one from ICICI Lombard, a well-known general insurance brand and present in the market for many years. It will help you during times of crisis. They have cashless policies where you need not pay anything to the hospital and things will be handled by them. You can choose the policy as per your needs and the kind of cover you want. It is much better to be prepared before-hand than running from pillar to post at the last moment. There will also be no compromise on the quality of treatment when you claim the complete amount of the treatment. Thus, Health Insurance Is A Must For Every Middle Class Indian!

Before buying the health insurance policy, you need to check all the crucial features. On sites of insurance companies you will find premium calculators to help you decide on the right policy for you. Read all the terms and conditions of the policy in detail so that there is nothing hidden from you. Ask your policy broker to give you a complete glimpse of the policy including their flexibility. This is important because during emergencies a person might get admitted into a hospital that is not in the network of the insurance company. During such situations will they be making the entire claim? You better ask!

So, go ahead and purchase your health insurance policy. Do it as soon as you can because with time you may land up with a disease and won’t get insurance coverage. Get a policy while you are young!

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