Top 6 Health Issues Or Concerns Of Working Women

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Top 6 Health Issues Or Concerns Of Working Women

Hello Everyone,

India has a long way to go in terms of women employment and gender equality. I have been working in corporate for over 7 years. Thankfully Information technology and consulting sector employs a lot of women. Since past few years, I have observed a lot of women colleagues. Nowadays, women below 40 also suffer from one or the other health conditions. Most of the working women know about these health issues but don’t seem to invest time and money to cure them.

Top 6 Health Issues Or Concerns Of Working Women

1. Obesity
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As per IANS, Bangalore – about 80 %  of urban Indian working women aged 25-45 are fat due to sedentary lifestyle and changing food habits. Most of the obese women who were surveyed stated that they are so due to work stress, sedentary lifestyle and not having healthy food. I am assuming by healthy food they mean home cooked food.

Due to work pressure, working women eat lesser number of meals with a bigger portion size. Of course there is a large gaps in their meals, so that they don’t have to take too many breaks in office and carrying snacks to office is too much of a hard work. On top of that, most of their snacks are simple carbohydrates and fried foods like pasta, poha, dlis, dosas, French fries, pakoras , sandwiches etc that are easily available in cafeteria. Their meals also are of the same category – rice, bread, paranthas with potato curry since they take less time to cook. Salad and leafy green vegetables never form a part of meals.

2. Depression

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Most of the working women are like warriors fighting from 2 fronts – office and home. Stress of delivering on time in office and handling daily home chores take a toll on their health. You would find working women struggling with maid problems and cribbing about them. Well, I am also one of them 😛 . Slowly, before they know, they are already depressed. When working women visit physicians or go for annual checkup, most of them would be prescribed anti-depressants. I sometimes ponder if being happy is such a difficult thing.

3. Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD/PCOS)

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This condition arises solely due to hormonal imbalance  and affects fertility. Most of the working women suffer from PCOD or are on the verge of it. It’s no more a condition of middle aged women. Women in their 20s nowadays suffer from PCOD. Teen girls have hairy face and excess fat on their body. PCOD is curable by eating clean and losing weight but alas it requires a lot of hard work.

4. Insomnia

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It is extremely popular and why shouldn’t it be? When mind is never at rest, when people watch TV and doze off, when people worry about next day in office – insomnia is unavoidable. It’s said that 2 hours before sleeping, TV or laptop or computer should be switched off. Warm milk with a book during bed time has become a luxury!

5. Hypothyroidism

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I have suffered from Hypothyroidism. I can say with experience that it makes life worse than hell. Most of the women think that Hypothyroidism  is a deficiency rather than a disease which needs urgent attention. Weight increase, fatigue whole day, depression, insomnia, constipation and hair loss are best buddies that Hypothyroidism brings along. Most of the working women sadly suffer from Hypothyroidism.

6. Back pain/Neck pain/body aches


Women play different roles in their lives – wife for a tired hubby who just reached home, mother of children who need help in home work, daughter of aging parents who need her attention and care. Women never think that their body also has some limitation beyond which it can’t work. They work morning to night without taking meals with proper nutrition. All this results in neck and back pain or body ache and fatigue. Some women work long hours on desktops/laptops due to which they face frequent neck aches and eye soreness.

All the above health conditions are curable. You just have to take care of your body, it’s the only place you live in, period.

Do you too have to deal with the above issues?

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