Health Obsession Can Do More Harm Than Help!


How Health Obsession Can Do More Harm Than Help?

Anything extreme adds to misery in one’s life. We all seek for good health and a good body but when do we realize that we are going overboard and crossing the line of healthy eating to obsessive eating and food disorder? Lets get deeper into why health obsession can do more harm than help.

Healthy eating is not avoiding the nutrients which you need for your body. It’s actually including all the essential nutrients in the body in a right and a measured way. You can be a vegan or a non-vegetarian or a vegetarian and still maintain a good health. In the course of achieving a healthy lifestyle, we forget the basics of a good lifestyle and run after whatever comes in the way. Blindly following our friends and peers can do more harm than good.

Health obsession, woman eating food

We must understand that every body type is different and it needs a certain kind of diet. One should advocate a lifestyle that doesn’t involve restriction or putting themselves into a ‘box’.

In the current scenario, social media have made matters worse. We decide to copy the lifestyle of a celebrity or the instant weight loss blogs and inculcate it in our lives. We see Insta-foodies looking amazing and seemingly in radiant health on their blog and we want to be part of it. Blogs are surely helpful but judge it with your own wisdom.We must understand that every individual works on an individual metabolism. No one person’s regime is the last word or the law which one should follow. Campaigning the cause of healthy eating is a good idea but it’s important to imbibe the positivity of it and not just go by everything which is spoken about. There must be a point of balance. It’s a good idea to keep a tab on your diet and eat healthy but some take it to an extreme point thereby harming their physical and mental health.

  • Health has many aspects from exercising to eating healthy and fostering emotional stability.
  • Starving yourself to check how much will power you have is not a very good idea. Fasting on days which is not necessary should be avoided.
  • A lot us skip breakfasts but it only harms as breakfast is the first meal of the day and should not be avoided. It should be wholesome meal
  • Cheat meals – If you are following a certain diet consuming cheat meals like junk food or aerated drinks may not be a crime. Stop feeling guilty about the decisions you make.

It’s perfectly normal to eat something you like. Exercising a normal attitude towards health is vital. Regular exercise on the other hand is important but if you have an injury then it must stop. It’s also normal to take rest when you are feeling exhausted or in no mood to work out.

Health obsession

Healthy obsession is not a good idea to begin your day with. There are better ways and methods to help one achieve a relaxed mood. Obsession about health as research expert’s day can lead to a condition called Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD) which is not normal phenomena. Stay calm, be wise and draw up a diet chart which suits your body type and follow it. Overthinking and overexertion to get a washboard stomach or a perfectly healthy body is a myth and can only cause harm than help. Consult a doctor/nutritionist, if needed.

Hope you found this post on Health Obsession useful!

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