Health Quotes You Shouldn’t Miss!


Health Quotes You Shouldn’t Miss!

Hello All!!!

Today’s post is not about healthy food and exercise. It is a welcome change for you guys and me too!!! Most of the time you find me instructing you on ways to lose weight or talking about health benefits of this and that. This post is different from the usual affair. It is a collection of health quotes!

Great people have said wise things regarding life and health; let us have a look at them!

  1. “Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose!”- Karl Lagerfeld

How To Track Weight Loss Progress weighing scale

Isn’t that true? The more you lose the better!! Dieting is not a mere game as it involves both your mental and physical faculties. However, when looked upon as one, you win when you are able to lose weight. So, in the dieting game, losing is winning! How much have you lost in this game so far? 😛

  1. “As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists.”- Joan Gussow

Butter Or Margarine Which Is Better

This one is too good! It clearly tells you that natural is always better than processed. Butter is churned from the cream of cow’s milk whereas margarine is just chemical made to look like butter! Yes, it is a pseudo-food. There was a phase when people were asked to shift to margarine and I don’t know whose idea that was! Thank God that today people are aware that margarine, which is nothing but hydrogenated vegetable oil, is no good and is linked to a lot of diseases.

  1. “Your imagination is your preview to life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein

The state of happiness quote moment

The very brainy scientist of his times, Albert Einstein has said this well. Imagination at times goes haywire. But unless and until you imagine, you are getting nowhere in your life! You imagine great things about yourself and slowly that turns into a dream. Now, from the weight loss point of view, if you are overweight, you would initially imagine yourself in a svelte figure and wonder how you would look in a particular outfit. Slowly that turns into a mission as it attracts you and you work towards it, turning imagination into reality. You see things happen twice, once in your mind and then in the real world!

  1. “A fit, healthy body– that is the best fashion statement.” Jess C. Scott

old women- gaining weight with age

However hard you try to be in vogue, you won’t be one till you are fit and fine both physically and mentally! People look up at healthy people with much reverence. Some people even in their 50s look as if they have just touched 30s! Have you ever met such people for whom age is just a number? If you do, try taking tips from them and I bet they will tell you things that are commonly said on our blog!

  1. “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” Mae West

Health quotes you shouldn’t miss-Enjoy life

Such a spectacular statement! You think we are living to the extent we should? Are we enjoying each and every moment that God has gifted us with? The answer would be no! We are stuck up in our own cobwebs that don’t seem quit the scene. Time to use the vacuum cleaner and clear up everything 😛 I know it is easier said than done but at least we can try. Let us celebrate life!

Hope you found this post interesting!

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