Health Screenings Women between 20-40 Must Go Through


health screening women 20-40

Health Screenings Women between 20-40 Must Go Through

When you are young, you feel you are just perfect … no health issues are considered a big deal as you feel that each and every minor health issue should not be taken seriously and sadly enough this is the biggest mistake women in their twenties commit. I find it really tragic that earlier women never used to take care of their health as they were always and only concerned about their kids and family but today even though the women are educated, independent still are not bothered about their health. They are so busy making careers that they don’t have any time to think about themselves.

This post of mine is about what health screenings girls in their twenties must consider going through.

BMI and BP

The girls these days are so engrossed in studies and getting the perfect scores that they keep on sitting on their study chairs not realizing how much weight have they put on. The basic thing to go for is check BMI and if it is more than normal go for a BP check too. Stress might have raised it a bit.

Ovaries and Uterus screeningOvarian-Cancer fight

Pap smear, Ovarian Cancer Screening should be gone through as soon as the girls turn twenty especially if you have a family history of such cancers.  Age between 20-40 is the most productive period for women as they get married and give birth mostly during this age group especially in India, so the reproductive parts must be kept healthy..isn’t it?

Breast, Bladder and Bowel screening

Breast check every month at home is an easy thing to do and God forbid, if you suspect anything worth caring for, do not ignore, go to the medical practitioner for expert advice.  And not to forget the bowel and bladder screening especially if you have long-term constipation problem or a leaky bladder. Any kind of irritation while passing urine can be urinary tract infection.

Skin screening

Skin examination is a must if you are outdoors most of the times. Between 20- 40 a skin examination every year is a great idea. If you see any pigmentation, new moles and warts on your skin, don’t take them lightly, go see the skin specialist.

Eyes, ears, and dental health screening

Food And Moves For Healthy Eyes 2

Sitting too much in front of computers and studying late nights can affect your eye-sight so do not hesitate from wearing glasses, believe me, glasses give you a mature, sensible and No-Nonsense look.

Don’t think if no one is peeping inside your ear so you need not care about it. An ear full of wax can be real trouble, save that. And do I need to say anything about those pale teeth! Oh girls, please go for a teeth whitening job to get those pearly whites back. A bright smile helps you go through so many turmoils in life. Take care of it.

Emotional and Mental health screening

In this age group there are many reasons to get anxious, stressed or depressed so if you feel anxious, stressed, or depressed do not ignore, talk to someone close to you and go see a medical expert for your emotional issues.

PCOD and Thyroid screening

All About PCOD By Dr. Sanjay Shah

Most of the young girls are diagnosed PCOS when they get married and despite trying their best can’t conceive, so to save that misery later on girls please go for a PCOD check-up as soon as you see yourself gaining weight and a disturbed menstrual cycle. Ask your doctor to prescribe a Thyroid test too to rule out any miseries caused by these silent emotional killers.

These are the Health Screenings Women between 20-40 Must Go Through.

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