Health Supplements In India

Health Supplements In India

Top 4 Health Supplements In India

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You don’t get sufficient nutrients from your food these days. There is a need for something extra. And that extra can be obtained from health supplements in India.

Here is a list of Indian supplements that are pretty effective from various angles like health and weight loss.

1) Zenith Nutrition Daily Active Multiple One A Day

 Health Supplements In India

Zenith Nutrition Daily Active Multiple One A Day is a supplement for overall health. It has 25 essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is also enriched with acai berry, grape seed extract, piperine, Astaxanthin and other natural ingredients that are potent antioxidants. Antioxidants are extremely important for the body as they fight free radical damage and help in keeping the cells healthy. This way antioxidants ward off serious illnesses like cancer. They also promote energy utilization and red blood cell production in the body.

Consuming just one capsule of this multivitamin is enough to provide support to your immune system, nervous system and cardiovascular system. Your stamina and vitality will also get boosted up. Have just one capsule and you are sorted. This particular multivitamin is an investment in good health.

2) Zenith Protein Pure Whey

Health Supplements In India

Zenith Protein Pure Whey is a great protein source that has whey protein isolate and concentrate which is blended with delicious flavours to make it more palatable. Zenith Protein Pure Whey is a protein source that is easy to digest. The other ingredients added to it are sucralose, approved flavours and colours along with vitamins and minerals.

It is a great nutritional supplement for those who are trying to shed pounds and are on a low carb and high protein diet. If you are scared that your might lose muscle along with the body fat then you must go in for this whey protein as it helps in keeping your lean muscles intact.

3) Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract

Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee bean extract review

For those people who want to lose weight Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract is a good option as it is a fat burner. The main ingredient in this supplement is Svetol. Svetol is the most scientifically researched brand of green coffee extract. It is well known in facilitating the burning of fat. The phytochemicals in svetol help promote weight loss by boosting fat metabolism.

Studies have shown that Svetol helps in fat reduction. It is being looked upon as an effective solution for weight loss.

The supplement has other health benefits to offer too:

  • It is helpful for those who suffer from diabetes as this supplement reduces the absorption of glucose.
  • It has a positive effect on blood vessels and is heart healthy. It reduces blood pressure too.
  • It has compounds that are potent antioxidants.

4) Zenith Nutrition Astaxanthin

Zenith Nutrition Astaxanthin Review

Zenith Nutrition Astaxanthin is a carotenoid which is a natural antioxidant. It is derived from the fermentation of a microalgae. Consuming between 4-12 mg of Astaxanthin gives a big boost to one’s health. The supplement works well on the skin. It protects the skin from the negative effects of sun exposure. It wards off joint trouble too. The other health benefits it has to offer is that it decreases the risk of certain types of cancer and eye diseases. Carotenoids have the ability to be converted to vitamin A. Zenith Nutrition Astaxanthin has all the carotenoids namely- beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, and zeaxanthin making it suitable for anyone who requires multiple benefits for their eyes, joints and skin health by consuming a single health supplement.

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