Health Tips For Different Ayurvedic Body Types Or Doshas

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Health Tips For Different Ayurvedic Body Types Or Doshas       

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As promised here is a post on health tips for different ayurvedic body types or doshas. You can read the previous related post All About Ayurvedic body type or doshas. Before we proceed you must be wondering how to find which is your dosha type. You can get help from books or Ayurveda or even Ayurvedic websites. There are questionnaires available that are easy to answer and most often provide similar results. Remember that the result of short questionnaires will be more approximate or generalized. Your body too changes with age, situations and seasons so answer different questionnaires to get definite results.

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What to do after knowing your Dosha type?

Now, you know your Dosha type! So, you should stick to a lifestyle and diet routine that is suitable for your Dosha type.

General health tips for Vata Body Types

If you have a vata body type, you should learn to maintain regular habits such as trying to eat and sleep at the same time every day. You need to get sufficient rest and choose foods that are well cooked, warm, nourishing and easy to digest.

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Vata types should include sweet berries, nuts, fruits, dairy products, small beans and rice. Your exercise intensity should be the moderate kind. Try a hand at meditative yoga, walking, Tai chi or swimming; in fact all are good for you. You should avoid strenuous and frenzied activities.

General Health Tips for Pitta Body Types

It is essential for people with a pitta body type to keep cool by avoiding overexposure to direct sunlight. They should also refrain from fried food and spicy food. If you have a pitta body type, you should avoid drinking alcohol. Consuming tobacco, overworking or letting yourself get over heated. When pitta dosha gets aggravated, you can get negative emotions such as hatred, hostility, intolerance and jealousy. So take care.

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Choose fresh fruits and veggies that are high in water content and sweet, like cherries, cucumbers, watermelon, avocado and mangoes (sadly mangoes can be enjoyed only once a year). Have lots of salads with dark leafy greens. Avoid getting yourself involved in conflicts. Try cultivating virtues of self control, kindness, honesty, morality and generosity.

General Health Tips for Kapha Body Types

Those with a predominant kapha need to be active on a regular basis because they are prone to get sluggish, depressed and also overweight. If you have this body type, you need to get out of your house and be active in seeking new experiences. You should have respect for constructive change and make it a point to implement actions that enhance life.

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Food that you choose should be light, warm as well as spicy. Drink tea with dried ginger and lemon. It is in particularly suitable for kapha body types. You should say no to heavy and oily food and processed sugars as they are detrimental to health. Include dark greens in your diet along with spices namely, ginger, chilli, black pepper and cumin.

So, these were the generalized health tips for different Ayurvedic body types. Hope it will be helpful to you all.

Please keep in mind that this post is just a glimpse of health tips for the 3 doshas and doesn’t take precedence over what a registered Ayurvedic practitioner has to say.

Hope you found this post useful!

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