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Hello All,

Most of you would know that I have put on weight because of stress and anemia πŸ™ . I have been looking for a nutritionist who can understand my nutrition needs and help me lose weight faster. I tried a 1 month diet service and here goes the review.

I stumbled on HealthCrazee through a deal on Groupon –

Pay ONLY Rs.499 instead of Rs.2000 for one month online program for different diet packages:

  • Personal Diet Plans
  • Therapeutic Diet Plans
  • Lifestyle Diet Plans

HealthCrazee offers below diet plans –

Personal Diet Plans

  • Weight Management
  • Blood Group Diet
  • Muscle Gain
  • Detox Diet

Therapeutic Diet Plans

  • Diabetes Management
  • Hypertension Management
  • Cholesterol Management
  • Renal Disorder (Kidney)
  • Thyroid
  • Celiac Diet
  • Pre-Post Natal Diet


  • Growing Children
  • Elderly
  • Pre-Bridal Glow Diet
  • Stress Management
  • Menopausal Diet
  • Diet for Optimum Health

The deal included –

  • UNLIMITED consultations with nutritionist through phone, message and email
  • Completely customized diet plans per customer profile taking into account their likes and dislikes
  • Regular diet tips through message and email

My Experience with HealthCrazee

HealthCrazee has been Cofounded by Sakshi Madan, who is the Chief Nutritionist. She is the one who gives diet plans. I chose a weight management diet plan.

My experience with HealthCrazee was not at all great. Let’s know why –

Unlimited consultations with nutritionist did not happen.

Below is the first email that I received from her –

Following are some Diet tips to be followed during next one month.

  • Do not set very high goals, desirable weight loss a week is 0.5 to 1 Kg.
  • Self Motivation to loose weight is very important.
  • Adopt to methods of cooking like boiling, baking, microwave, steaming.
  • Avoid binges, adjust other meals of the day or of next day accordingly.
  • Go for 6 small frequent meals a day pattern. This will help in maintaining your metabolism.
  • Do regular exercise and walk (Minimum 30 minutes) 5 days a week. If not possible do 15 – 20 Minutes of spot jogging.
  • Incorporate high fiber foods in your diet such as Raw Fruits, vegetable and sprouts. This will help in reducing increased blood glucose levels.
  • While eating out select simply prepared items rather than combination dishes.

Foods to Avoid

  • Sweet Products like Chocolates, sweets, squashes, aeratedΒ Drinks like Cold Drink, Soda etc.
  • Avoid fruits like Mango, Banana, Lichi, Chicku, grapes
  • Root Vegetables like Potato, arbi, sweet potato, beet root.
  • Full cream milk, cakes, ghee, pastry, cream, ice cream, mutton, egg-yolk, butter, red meat should be avoided.
  • Refined Flour(Maida), Suji, Noodles, Rice(You can take Brown rice, de-starched rice twice a week ).
  • Avoid Canned Products.
  • Excess Alcohol.

Foods Allowed

  • Toned Milk, Curd, Paneer.
  • Raw Fruits
  • Sprouts, whole cereal, pulses.
  • Chicken and Fish (Thrice a Week).
  • Combination of refined oil is good.

I appreciate that she sent me the practical tips along with my diet plan. If I were a novice, it would have helped me. I was trying to follow all the above things ever since I knew I needed a lifestyle change.

I emailed her back asking her phone number and she obliged. We had a discussion for about 10 minutes where I told her that I was anaemic and I need a plan as per my nutrition and she obliged.

No medical test prescribed

I expected that I would be asked to undergo a medical test since I was anaemic and the possibility of other deficiencies could not have been ignored. But to my surprise, nothing of that sort happened.

Instead, a diet plan landed in my inbox every 3-4 days and the entire month passed.

Generalized Diet Plan

I received a diet plan which was very generic. I did not see any efforts that worked on my deficiency. The funny part is , the time for the first thing in the morning ie. luke warm water was 6:00 AM. LOL, who told you I wake up so early ? I know its a good habit but a lot of us have late night work or personal commitments. Does that mean we can’t lose weight ?

No Feedback about diet plan

The nutritionist never called up to check what was the progress, how did I feel, how much did I lose – absolutely nothing. She did not even ask for a feedback after a month was over, perhaps she knew what she was going to hear πŸ˜›

Honestly, in 500 bucks, I did not expect a continuous monitoring. But I did expect a sensible diet plan which was customized to my nutrition needs.Β Was I expecting a lot ?

My Ratings

Diet Plan – 2.5/5

Service Level – 1/5

Have you tried HealthCrazee Diet Plan ?Β  Please do let me know !


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  1. Wow! basically they did was made some money from those deal and didn’t put in any effort..They didn’t realize that its going to give them a bad name..huh! i am not going to subscribe for these kind of fitness plans ever now.

    • They have sold over 100 deals this time which mean 499*100 = Rs 49900 πŸ˜› . I dont know how much they sold last time on their previous deals !

  2. Hi Tarun Preet! Anaemia is a growing problem in India. Hope you saw that adv of Sakshi Tanwar saying so..
    Well if you are anaemic one most imp tip is Always have your Iron supplements with something Citrus in nature (Nimbu pani, Sweetlime juice ) or likes of that..All the best. Hope this helps

    • Nidhi, Welcome to the blog πŸ™‚
      I am taking iron supplements and citrus fruits too. But I dont want to continue taking supplements all my life. When my HB becomes normal, I wish to maintain by natural foods. Thanks for your advice πŸ™‚

  3. hi tarun preet,really liking this blog,thanks for all the tips,I would like to ask u sthg,I know some people who add barley flour,rye flour or buckwheat flour to the wholewheat flour when making rotis,then I’ve tried to look online about this,then I saw some people even add oat flour to their atta when making rotis,will it b possible to elaborate more on this……..seems interesting to have rotis rich in fibres….thanks enormously for ur help…..

    • Nidhi, it goes back to lower levels. I have done all the required tests, everything is normal. My absorption capacity for iron is low, so i need to keep taking iron in all meals.
      My doctor has asked me to complete my supplement course, wait for 15 days and redo the blood test. Then i will keep a track how my body is responding πŸ™‚

  4. Hi all,

    A tip which may help…. try to cook ur food in iron kadhai.. it adds iron content to the will help in the long run..

    As far as healthy aata is concerned…mix chane ka aata in regular aata n if possible try to get aata from aata chakki..instead of packed aata packet…aata from chakki has much more fibre dan packed aata… u can also find chakki aata at local grocery store..

    • hi, sry to say but we need natural iron not iron from iron kadhai bcoz when u cook food, or saute it iron comes from kadhai dat is not good iron.
      supplements of iron are always best, once u take iron supplement again not dat iron(loha) take natural iron supplements.
      tip>take a magnet, open iron capsule try to pick it up with magnet if magnet catch it then its iron but it will keep u ok until u take it.


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