Healthiest Cooking Oil For Indian Gravy,Curry Or Daal


Healthiest Cooking Oil For Indian Gravy,Curry Or Daal

Indian food has a different style of cooking altogether as compare to the western countries. We like to cook food, sometimes for hours 😉 . I have met many people who believe they live for food. Well, I don’t disagree completely. Most of the Indians are born foodies and I am no exception. But I want food with a few criterias –

  • It should be healthy
  • It should be tasty. I can comprmose on the taste a bit but it should not be blaah, you know what I mean 😉
  • It should be ready in a few minutes. I hate cooking for hours in the kitchen

So with all the above demands errr criterias, I need to be a bit picky on the food that I can eat.

Let’s talk about Indian gravies, curries or daals. What is the Healthiest Cooking Oil For Indian Gravy,Curry Or Daal

was one of the questions I received from one of the IWB readers by email.

Why Vegetable Oils Are Dangerous For Health

The answer is very simple but let me compare a few options so that you can pick the one that suits you.

Coconut oil

Coconut Oil In India For Weight Loss (2)

But it stinks aargh. If you are a South Indian, this is the God sent oil . Please use coconut oil in all gravies and curries since it has a high boiling point and can bear high flame of the gas. North Indians can try cooking on a high flame due to which the oil evaporates a bit of the smell. If you like it, then go for it. I personally prefer coconut oil in egg omelets and I love it

Refined oil

Bad option, next please! You can read about the harmful effects of refined oil here.


Ghee is best when used in “tadka” for daal’s , gravies or curries. Do not use very high flame while using ghee, it can bear medium flame though. I don’t remember using any other oil than Ghee for daal’s! Even if I don’t have onion and tomato at home, I just steam daal in a pinch of salt and turmeric. Add cumin seeds in heated ghee and mix with the steamed daal. Ghee is THE thing for daals . Same goes for gravies like shahi paneer or aaloo matar or any watery dish!

Olive oil

Honestly I use only extra virgin olive oil only in cold dishes like salad. There are other vaireties of olive oil, you surely would have seen advertisement on TV – olive oil for Indian cooking 😀 . Read more about varieties of olive oil here.


Last but not the least, butter is my go to oil for gravies, curries or daal if I don’t have ghee around. Salted or not salted, butter works every time.

Tip – Since my favourite ghee and butter are extremely dense in calories, please do take care of portion control. Two medium onion and tomato can easily be sautéed in a tablespoon, so use wisely.

P.S – We will be doing a lot of posts on cooking oils this week due to many queries asked by readers. Watch out this space for more!



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