6 Healthy And Yummy Dips You Shouldn’t Miss!


6 Healthy And Yummy Dips You Shouldn’t Miss!

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So, you are dieting! When on a weight loss spree you eat salads on a regular basis, right? Salads when eaten plain can get boring. Dieting doesn’t mean that you have to eat tasteless food! You need to enjoy your food to the fullest! And for that to happen you can resort to dips of different kinds.

Here are some awesome dips that won’t hamper your weight loss journey. You can have the dips with almost anything you like (and which is allowed 😛 ). A tasty dip can take your meal to another level. It can make otherwise plain veggies come to life and you might eat more of it. Isn’t that good? So, what are we waiting for? Let us have a look at the lovely dips that are also healthy!

Here we go!

1) Hummus

hummus recipe without tahini

Made out of chickpeas (our humble chole) this one is totally yummy. A go-getter for those who are on a low carb diet! It is packed with protein and fibre! Hummus is tasty and at the same time low in calories. It can easily substitute mayo! Dip your otherwise boring veggies in hummus and enjoy. Click on the heading for the complete recipe of hummus!

2) Tzatziki

hung yogurt tzatziki recipe 1

Heard of this dip before?? Well it is a Greek dip made out of hung curd! It is easy to make and finger-licking good. You will forget all the processed sauces once you get your hands on tzatziki. Though you can serve it along with nachos, chips, bread sticks, garlic bread or pita bread, for those on a diet it would be great along with veggies! For the recipe of this Greek dip click on the heading!

3) Cheese sauce

low carb high fat cheese sauce

Low carbers know the importance of cheese in their life! Cheese sauce is a low carb and high fat accompaniment to almost anything! It can totally transform the taste of our meal. You can pour this delightful sauce on your veg salad or have it along with paneer tikka, chicken tikka or fish tikka! It will tatse yum. Can’t wait for the recipe, right? Click on the heading for the recipe of cheese sauce.

4) Sour cream

how to make sour cream

Those on a low carb and high fat diet can easily enjoy their sour cream. It is yummy and healthy! Making one at home is always the best option rather than getting it from the supermarket. You can serve it almost anything! It can make your salads irresistible. For the recipe, click on to the heading.

5) Low carb eggless mayonnaise

Low Carb Eggless Mayonnaise Recipe

Skip the processed mayonnaise and make your own low carb eggless version! You can have it with salads, kebabs, green chips and tikkas! You need cream cheese, heavy cream, curd, cheese spread and other condiments for this eggless and low carb mayo! For the complete recipe simply click on the heading above.

6) Peanut chutney

Peanut Chutney Recipe  Protein Recipe lose weight

How about something South Indian now? It has peanuts and curd in it. It is packed with protein. It is the perfect accompaniment to Idli, dosa, chila or upma. It is easy to make and super yummy too. For the complete recipe, click on the heading.

So, folks, these were the healthy and yummy dips that shouldn’t be given a miss. Do try them and share your experience.

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