Healthy and Yummy Kale salad recipes


Healthy and yummy Kale salad recipes

Hi all,

I will share some really quick and easy Kale salad leaves recipes with you. Kale is listed under the super food list. I usually don’t fall for super food traps, but if something is within my reach I do use and try it for myself. If in India you don’t get Kale, fear not use regular salad leaves, maybe lettuce, iceberg, or red cabbage. However, if you do get Kale in a Country you live, make sure you pick up a locally grown pack. I usually take British curly Kale.

Curly KaleKale comes in few types, the ones I have picked are usually curly ones and one is flat one. Kale is said to have more nutrition than Spinach and other greens combined. It tastes nice and sometimes can  be a bit bitter, but with proper dressing you can mask that and make it more eatable.

Let me share some very quick and easy Kale salad and one quick recipe of Kale chips:

1. Kale and Feta cheese salad:

Flat kale and feta cheese salad

You need:

a) Flat Kale leaves (washed and dried)- A bunch

b) Feta cheese/greek cheese/ or alternative Paneer– about 25 gms

c) Apples- 1 nos

d) spring onions- a bunch- chopped

For the dressing:

a) chia seeds,- 1 teaspoon

b) Lemon juice,- 2 tablespoon

c) Rock salt,- 1/2 teaspoon

d) Olive oil- 1 tablespoon

e) crushed garlic- 1 pod


a) walnuts- handful & crushed.

Mix the kale, apples (chopped), spring onions and crumble the feta cheese on top. Make the dressing by mixing all the ingredients and let it stay for about 10 minutes. Toss it in the salad and mix well.  Sprinkle some walnuts on top and serve. Enjoy with your meals, I sometimes have this alone as a meal or if I am very hungry and had a good workout, I enjoy it as a side with daal chaval.

2. Kale with Tahini dressing and baked Pita chips:

Kale with Pita chipsYou need:

a) Curly kale- a bunch

b) Tomatoes– 1 nos

c) pine nuts- handful (can use peanuts also as an alternative)

d) Baked pita chips- handful

e) Olives- 5-6 chopped.

For dressing:

f) Tahini paste

h) lemon juice

i) salt,

j) pepper

k) Garlic- crushed- 1 Pod


Mix all the salad ingredients, Kale leaves, chopped tomatoes, olives. Mix the dressing ingredients and add in  the salad. Top with roasted pine nuts and baked pita chips.

3. Quick & Crispy Kale chips:


I love this version of Kale chips, its nice and crispy. I use curly Kale while making the chips, some people use Flat kale. It will turn out fine in both versions I think.

For Kale chips;

you need:

a) A bunch of Kale chips,

b) Olive Oil- 1 Table spoon,

c) Salt- sprinkle

d) Parmesan cheese bits- 2 tablespoon


Pre heat the over to 170 degrees. Use dry kale leaves, toss the oil and salt mix well. Spread the kale chips separately on the baking sheet. Bake for 10 minutes. Make sure Kale does not burn.

Sprinkle Parmesan cheese and eat this yummy treat 😉

Hope you like these dishes. They are quick, easy and healthy. Add Kale to your diet for a healthy lifestyle and added nutrition. Use locally grown produce as far as possible.

Love Vrinda

Do try these healthy and yummy Kale salad recipes.

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