Healthy Breakfast Recipe – Paneer Cheese Sandwich


Healthy Breakfast Recipe 

Paneer Cheese Sandwich

Hey People,

Some of you said that you loved eating bread toasts. So, I thought why not come up with a post so that you can relish bread 🙂 in a healthier way. Just make sure that you pick up whole wheat grain or whole multi-grain bread. Other bread is not healthy, I have done a post here to explain about various so-called healthy food items which actually are not so healthy for us.

So, I prepared this sandwich for breakfast, I just did not feel like eating eggs :(.  It just takes 5 minutes to crush paneer and cheese and make this mixture.

protein rich paneer cheese sandwich

This filling consists of paneer , cheese , salt , pepper and  ajwaain.

Healthy Breakfast Recipe - Paneer Cheese Sandwich

One two drops of oil in a non-stick pan and roast the sandwich and tadaaa , its ready :). Do not use sandwich maker for this, I noticed whole wheat grain breaks inside.

Healthy Breakfast Recipe - Paneer Cheese Sandwich

This sandwich is healthy since paneer (cottage cheese) and cheese are in protein. Ajwaain is good for digestion and prevents bloating. Needless to mention, I used a whole wheat grain bread here.I suggest to have this sandwich in the breakfast or evening supper if you are having salad in dinner. One sandwich makes me quite full.

Other mixture variations

Paneer + chopped onion + chopped tomato

Cheese + tomato

I have tried both of them and they taste delicious :). You can have this sandwich once a week.

If you know of other healthy and fast recipes rich in protein, please let us know 🙂


  1. Paneer cheela…oh yes! a protein filled cheela ..i will share it some I have other cheela recipe for you..Will hopefully post it later 🙂

  2. For high protein diet, i avoid whole wheat bread (roti too). However last Sunday I made bread at home first time with almond butter, eggs, flaxseed meal and coconut floor and put in freeze for a week. I love the taste and can eat with my omlettes, sandwich etc … if interested, will post receipe.

  3. Hey girls.. plz suggest recipes which can help me in putting on healthy weight.. m so desperately trying to put on weight. I am very choosy when it comes to food 🙁


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