Healthy Eating Rules To Follow At Every Meal


Healthy Eating Rules To Follow At Every Meal

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The word ‘healthy’ might be tormenting you. But this time it is not ‘healthy food’ but it is all about ‘healthy rules’. Yes, this post is about healthy eating rules that need to be followed at every meal.

These easy to follow rules will help you in developing a healthy relationship with your meals throughout the day.

Shun the screen while eating


Most people today can’t stay away from their mobile phone, tablet, laptop screens. You may have seen people in your vicinity constantly fidgeting with their gadgets. A few others can’t move their eyes from the TV screens. All this is screen staring and fidgeting continues during meal time too.

Let me make it loud and clear, you should not get distracted when you are eating. Meal time is meant for your meals alone. The centre of attraction should be your food and how you are eating it. Now, why is so much stress put on the fact that you should not get distracted during meals? It is because you will tend to overeat as your concentration is not on your food.

If you have the hang of eating with your gadgets or with your favourite serial, stop doing it! Initially it may seem weird, food sans your gadget friends! Sigh! But pretty soon you will get accustomed to this habit. I may call it a healthy habit as you will soon begin to enjoy your food and its taste. You may even recognize the feeling of fullness and know when to stop. Read more about mindful eating here.

Stop confusing thirst for hunger


Consider this scenario, you have just finished your portion and are feeling unsatisfied. You get up and help yourself with more food on your plate. Sounds like a very common situation, right? Some people call this a ‘round’. At a recent party I heard a guy saying “No, this is my first round of food and my eating will go on for another one hour.” I was left baffled and was wondering if this guy is going to polish off all the dishes at the buffet table!!!

Ok, so coming back to the focal point, according to a health expert, a lot of people confuse thirst for hunger. She says the way out is to drink a glass of water and wait for around 30 minutes to find out if you still feel hungry and really need the second helping. Having water during your meals can help control a voracious appetite.

Never forget that food is fuel

food is Fuel

Just like the way you fuel your car or two- wheeler, you fuel your body too. But the fuel is different for humans it is not diesel, it is food. Now if you want your car to give a splendid performance you need to fill it up with premium diesel. The same concept applies for your body too. If you want your body to be at its best you have got to feed it with whole, natural foods and not processed junk food. Got the point? When you switch over from eating junk to clean foods it may seem difficult initially but over the time when you see results in your body and the way you feel, you are bound to get encouraged. Clean eating will then become a part of your lifestyle.

Hope this post helps!

How did you find the healthy eating rules to be followed at every meal?

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