Healthy Fast Food That Is Really Not So Healthy


Healthy Fast Food That Is Really Not So Healthy

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Food chains vouch their fast food as health food these days. Thanks to the splendid marketing! Even total junk food is disguised as a healthy option. The sad part is that people fall for it easily. 🙁 Even the non-branded foods that you think to be healthy are actually not so healthy. It is time to brace up and know what is what. So find the list of those foods that are junk food in disguise!

1) Kentucky Fried Chicken – Now Trans Fat free!

KFC healthy eating

‘Now Trans Fat free’- this what they claim. While all of us are well aware that trans fat is bad for health and we are not including it in our diet, KFC is using ‘trans-fat free’ as its main marketing gimmick!! That is a big reason to worry about! 10 years back when the Atkins diet was a rage, KFC lured its customers by saying that they had low carb in their food. Naturally, chicken is all protein and has no carbs. This one is a no-brainer! 😛

2) Butter corn

butter corn not healthy

You feel this is healthier than the normal popcorn served at theatres? That docile and meek cup of corn can really sky rocket your carb count if you are on a low carb diet. There is the butter issue too but it is allowed on a low carb and high fat diet. Both buttered popcorn and buttered corn are equally unhealthy. It is good to be informed about such things so that you make the right decision. It will be a pretty costly snack for you if you are on a low carb diet.

3) Frozen Yoghurt

frozen yoghurt not healthy

People are replacing ice cream with frozen yoghurt. And why not? After all it is the new rage. You can find a lot of frozen yoghurt parlours mushrooming everywhere. One such place is Cocoberry in India. They have outlets in most cities. By the way I had visited one of their outlet in New Delhi. That was 4 years back and I wasn’t too happy paying so much for an extra small cup of frozen yogurt. It was all sugary and saucy! To be frank it has the same sugar and fat that is present in ice cream. The so called healthy fruit toppings are dripping in a sugary sauce. So what is the ‘healthy’ claim? You think you can indulge in frozen yoghurt? Think again! You might as well have a cup of ice cream and feel satiated.

4) Subway– Eat fresh!

Sub- eating healthy at subway

A healthy fast food! They claim to have subs with 97% less fat. Marketing job is commendable. Whole grain breads and fresh salad leaves make it sound healthy. But have you ever thought that once you add all the dressings, sauces and condiments the healthy factor seems to mellow down. The latest thing is that they serve the all new zero coco cola. Zero coco cola is a low cal drink that contains artificial sweeteners. If you want to know how bad artificial sweeteners are for your health read this.

5) Fat free ice cream

fat free ice cream not healthy

Fat free ice creams are quite common these days. This is because all have become health conscious these days. And to fool the health conscious folks, companies have come up with fat free versions. Simple logic says that when fat is removed from something, a lot more sugar needs to be added to compensate for the taste. Fat free ice cream will have a lot more sugar content in it when compared to normal ice cream. So are you going fat free or eating the original version??

What do you think of the Healthy Fast Food That Is Really Not So Healthy?

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