Healthy Flourless Carrot Cake Recipe


Healthy Flourless Carrot Cake Recipe

Hi all,

Carrot cake is a rage in the US, and why not, something which does not spell obesity 😉

I first had carrot cake when my 9 year old niece baked it for me, I was pleased. But then I thought, there ought to be a healthy recipe like the flourless chocolate cake I shared, so I did some research and found a great one, it is yummy, moist with crispy crust. Try it and believe it.

cake pic carrot cake


  1. Almond flour- simple ground roasted almond to a fine powder- 250 gms,

  2. Eggs- 3 nos,

  3. Carrots- 2 big (preferable orange ones, since they give a nice color);

  4. Walnuts for garnish, raisins for sweetness,

  5. Granulated sugar- ½ cup

  6. Olive oil-1/4th cup

  7. Vanilla essence- 2 teaspoon.


  1. Start first by preheating the oven to 180 degrees.

  2. Grate carrots or simply use a food processor, take the carrots on an absorbent paper to soak off any excess water the carrots may have, leave aside.

  3. Toast walnuts for a few seconds.

  4. I did this optional part with raisins, but you can skip it. I simply took some rum and boil it with the raisins, for about 3 minutes. Leave aside.

  5. In a mixing bowl, beat oil and sugar till it combines well. Whisk eggs along with vanilla essence. Now fold in the almond flour along with the grated carrot till it mixes well and is combined smoothly. Add the raisins, and mix well.

  6. Grease a cake tin, and pour in the cake mix, top with toasted walnuts. Bake for 30-40 minutes approx. and keep checking when you see a crust forming. Insert a toothpick to see if it comes out clean.

Serve hot along with a nice cup of coffee on a cold winter day. Or simple add some organic raspberry jam which I usually do 😉

carrot cake pic 1

I love cakes, but mind you, even if they are homemade, eat them in moderation.

Love to all


Editor’s note: If stevia is used in place of sugar it can be used by Keto dieters too.

Are you going to try this Healthy Flourless Carrot Cake Recipe?

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