Top 8 Healthy Food Trends Of 2016 That You Should Not Miss!


Healthy Food Trends Of 2016

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Food trends keep varying from year to year that too in the health and fitness world. Read on to know the healthy food trends of 2016!

1) 2016 is the International Year of pulses

why you must have lentils

The UN has declared 2016 as the ‘International Year Of The Pulse’. Pulses include beans, chickpeas and lentils. They are obviously healthy and with a whole year dedicated to them we will have more reasons to eat pulses, right? It is hummus time! Yum! There will be more experiments with pulses and we are surely looking forward to it!

2) Plant based meals

raw veggies

Plant based diets don’t mean going completely vegan. They refer to the idea of a sustainable eating pattern for health as well as environmental reasons. Consume more plants based foods and fewer animal products. Isn’t it fun to have a plate of colourful veggies?

3) Gut feelings

Gut flora for good health

The year 2016 is to go with your gut. The gut’s friendly bacteria are the body’s second brain. The gut acts as the first line of defense of our immune system and protecting it can be linked to improving the health of the brain as well as decreasing the risk of autoimmune diseases and the ones like Alzheimer’s.

This is a great area of interest in the world of research. The friendly gut bacteria live on a diet that is tummy-friendly such as veggies, fruit and whole grains.

4) Ancient grains

Ancient grains

100% whole grains and other complex carbs have their moment. Grains such as buckwheat, quinoa, millet, amaranth, sorghum and the like are beneficial for health. They have high fibre and lots of B vitamins. In 2016 look for ancient grains in cereals and bars too.

5) Full fat food

low carb high fat cheese sauce

In 2015 there were headlines like ‘fat is back’. The days of spotting fat free food on shelves of supermarkets are over! Go in naturally full fat foods like nuts and yoghurt. Buy single serving packs instead of buying them in bulk. However, even if fat is good, you need to control portions.

6) Nordic diet

Nordic diet

The new Nordic diet has been inspired by the healthy eating habits of the people from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. They eat local veggies and fruits, canola oil and fatty fish apart from a high protein Icelandic yoghurt. Research says that following a Nordic diet reduces blood pressure and helps in weight loss.

7) Biodynamic

After organic, the latest nutrition buzzword is ‘Biodynamic’. It is an environment friendly kind of farming. The crops are free of artificial pesticides and fertilizers. The farms are completely self-sustaining. It can be called the next level of organic farming.

8) Mindfulness

woman-mindfully-eating-apple-weight loss

The days of dieting, calorie counting and weighing your food are gone! It is time for mindful eating! Though some people are already at it, for those who are new to it, let me tell you that eating mindfully means that you savour each and every morsel of food and think of nothing else. The flavour, the texture and the aroma of every bite you eat needs to be enjoyed. This way you will eat only as much as you really need and not overdo it.

Are you ready for the food trends of 2016?

Stay fit!



Hope the Healthy Food Trends Of 2016 have made you all excited!

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