Top 10 Healthy Food Trends Of 2017


10 Healthy Food Trends Of 2017

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Can healthy food ever go out of fashion? Not at all! We all need to eat healthy food to refuel ourselves and stay fit. Healthy food trends keep changing with every passing year! Here are some healthy food trends that are going to rule the new year!

1) Comfort food that is vegetarian

Veggies are said to increase on the food plate as animal proteins and heavy stuff make way for veg options. In the comfort food searches, there is an upsurge in the word – ‘veggies’ according to Pinterest. This means that people are more into veggies and would probably have mashed cauliflower instead of rice.

2) Bean pastas

bean-pasta-healthy-food-trends-2017, healthy food trends 2017

Even though 2016 was a year of the pulse and beans, things are going to be bigger in 2017. Ever heard of grain free bean pastas? Yes, they exist. These are made out of bean flours alone and are high in fibre and protein. Get set to see them in the market soon!

3) Fermented foods

In 2016, fermented foods were the in thing but the trend is only going to increase this year. Gut health is a trending topic and that makes people eat kimchi, yogurt, idli and dosa more often!

4) Veggie chips

Right from beets to kale, veggie snacks will pop up in supermarkets soon. You can also make your own veggie chips at home!

5) Seaweed

edible seaweed health benefits

Low in calories and high in nutrients, seaweed is packed with nutrition. It is great to see it in most foods. The seaweed trend is on the rise. Do include it in your diet!

6) Alternative sugars

There exist more alternatives to white sugar such as date sugar and coconut sugar. They have a unique flavour but those switching to them should also be careful as too much of any sugar is bad for your blood sugar, waistline and heart health.

coconut sugar is it a healthy choice

7) Jerky

With protein given the numero uno position, jerky is a good idea. Beef jerky should be grass-fed and the ingredient list (i.e. added sodium) should be simple. There is also lamb and seafood jerky. Do keep a watch so that you don’t overdo the sodium part.

8) Turmeric

The west has literally gone crazy over this particular ingredient which is a staple in every Indian kitchen. It isn’t going to budge from its position in 2017 too! Turmeric has curcumin in it which is regarded as a super healthy compound. Have more of Turmeric lattes this new year!

9) Vegan food

Benefits Of Going Vegan

More and more people are going vegan as there is a belief that abstaining from meat, eggs and dairy can help one live longer, be healthier and lose more weight. Even part-time vegan diet is in vogue. You will see more vegan stuff on grocery stores.

10) Grain bowls

Grain bowls have whole grains, a layer of veggies, protein, and some sauce. These bowls are versatile as everyone can add or remove something from it. You can try a healthy grain bowl this year.

Hope you are all excited to try a hand at these health food trends of 2017!

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