Top 7 Healthy Foods To Avoid Eating Before Bedtime

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Top 7 Healthy Foods To Avoid Eating Before Bedtime

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‘Don’t eat junk food’, ‘Avoid fried food’ before bedtime is what you have heard a number of times. But are you aware that there are some healthy foods too that you need to avoid when it is time to sleep? But why? The reason is that there are a few really healthy foods that will make you feel bloated if consumed just before it is time to hit the sack.

You must be wondering what those foods are! Well, here is the list!

1) Cucumbers

cucumber_tummy flattening foods

Cucumbers are the most commonly eaten veggies with dinner. Remember the tomato and cucumber salad that every Indian household serves along with dinner. While it is okay to have it at dinner time, it is better to avoid them after 11 pm. Cucumber is known to have a very high water content in it and at night your bodily functions slow down. So, eating cucumber late at night can lead to water retention as well as bloating.

2) Watermelon


Just like cucumbers even watermelon is well known for its high water content. Many people like the fruit a lot due to the health benefits it offers. However, snacking on it late at night can cause water retention and bloating. Stick to eating this fruit in the morning, afternoon and evening.

3) Coconut water

Benefits Of Drinking Tender Coconut Water

There is nothing like coconut water. It is nature’s own rejuvenating drink. However, it is a rich source of sodium and potassium making it difficult to digest if taken late at night. This is why most people don’t drink coconut water after sunset. I have seen all tender coconut water vendors wind up for the day when it starts getting dark. Just avoid it at night. You can have it in the morning as it has loads of health benefits for people of all ages.

4) Peanuts

peanuts for weight loss 2

Peanuts are known to have a very high fat content. Moreover, they contain alpha toxins that can result in an increased secretion of bile, leading in acidity and indigestion if eaten at night. Peanuts are an excellent snack but please avoid having it after 7 pm. Also ensure that they are roasted properly. You are most welcome to have a handful of them during the day whenever hunger strikes.

5) Cruciferous veggies

Cruciferous_Vegetables burn belly fat

Cruciferous veggies are a family of veggies that include broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. The compounds in these veggies make them difficult to digest at night if they are consumed as a raw salad. In order to avoid bloating and indigestion make sure you have such veggies in a well cooked form. Most Indian households cook cabbage and cauliflower well before consuming so this should not be an issue.

6) Cereal


Though cereal is meant for breakfast, there are people who eat cereal or cornflakes for dinner as there is no other option available :P. But are you aware that your favourite cereal is loaded with sugar and this can keep you awake at night. So, if you want to sleep well avoid having cornflakes for dinner.

7) Rajma (kidney beans) or any other beans


Rajma is a favourite in the typical Punjabi household. However, it is made for lunch and never for dinner. The reason is that beans are high in fibre and makes them difficult to digest at night. It can cause a lot of gas as well as bloating.

Hope you found this post useful!

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