How To Develop A Long Lasting Healthy Habit?


Developing A Long Lasting Healthy Habit

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It is tough to make a lifestyle change sometimes but as it is said nothing is impossible. People tend to make a lot of excuses to develop a long lasting healthy habit. So, you need to use certain strategies. Read on!

Excuse No 1: I don’t have time!

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You actually don’t have time for the things you don’t want to do. It actually is about finding time for something but instead it is about choosing to make time. You may ask how? Well, here it is:

Assess how much time you need

We assume that tasks require less time than they actually do. For instance, Going to a yoga class will take more time than just the duration of the class. You will need to get dressed for it, pack your Yoga mat, go to the class, come back and take a shower.

Have a look at how you are spending your time currently

Once you get an approximate idea of how much time an activity will take, you must shave off the time from other activities in order to fit in the new activity.

Mark the activity in your calendar

You usually mark the time for meetings and dates on the calendar. Why don’t you do it for your own health?

Excuse No 2: I will skip it for now and put double the effort later

There are a lot of people who give this excuse. They oscillate between doing nothing and doing a lot. Are you one amongst such people? Then you need help!

Set your min. and max. limits

For instance, if your goal is to start maintaining a diary, set the timer for the minimum and maximum amount of time you would like to write. Doing so will help you build the habit. Writing for 10 mins is an attainable goal. If you find yourself writing your diary for the maximum amount of time set like 25 mins, it means that you are engaged in the activity. It is great to be involved in your activity but it would be better to stop when your second timer goes off (the one of maximum time allotted). Build your consistency by taking smaller steps regularly.

Excuse no 3: I simply cannot start

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There are a lot of people with a starting problem. Here are the strategies for them,

Just go ahead

You need to take deliberate action to start a healthy habit. There may be a zillion things that would stop you from beginning the new activity. You need to simplify and prioritize the action.

Ask filter questions to yourself

When you are doing everything except the new activity, you need to ask yourself whether what you are currently doing is taking me towards or away from your goal. Once you find the answer, act according to that.

Play mind games

Set a 7 min timer and tell yourself to take up the activity for that time period. Even after those 7 minutes, if don’t feel like doing it, you will give yourself the guilt-free permission to stop. It is most probable that you will like the new activity. It is just that getting started with new stuff is your biggest problem.

The bottom line

New results can only be seen when you are taking new actions. So, go ahead and win the battle!

Hope you liked this post on strategies to adopt a healthy habit!

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