Healthy Habits-5 Things To Do Before Sleeping


Healthy Habits-5 Things To Do Before Sleeping

Heya Peeps,

I am so drowsy right now! I wish to doze off as soon as possible. But then I dread the chores I got to do before I can sleep off. I am not going to publish my to do list here, I don’t want curses 😛 . So apart from the beauty chores I do before I Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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These are 5 things I don’t miss … emmm too often 😀 .

Brush your teeth

When I am lazy to brush at night, I use Listerine mouth wash. Fresh breath will always make you sleep like a baby. I also have a habit of taking bath before I sleep ! Bangalore whether is rainy nowadays, so sometimes I skip it.

Plan your meals

How To Avoid Weight Gain During Work meal planning

I always plan my meals in advance, if not a day before at least the previous night! Tomorrow boiled eggs with milk in breakfast, cheese slice for snack, fruits and curd for lunch and delicious vegetarian salad for dinner. All set to go 🙂 ! Check out these tips for easy meal planning . If you read IWB regularly, you would know that skipping meals is a NO NO. You will NOT shed weight by just skipping meals. Eat light dinner but don’t miss having dinner!

Keep your phone away

I have started putting my phone to silent mode. Otherwise facebook and whatsapp keep beeping and disturb me through the night, huh. And then when its time to get up, I so want to sleep 🙁 . Its said that our body revives during the time between 10pm to 3 am. N here I am, just like an owl. I am trying hard to sleep before 11:30 pm. This is a realistic target for me, fingers crossed some day I will. Some day !

Breathe In and Breathe Out

Its also called Aalom Vilom. I always practice this technique at least 10 times. It gives so much relaxation and gives you freedom from your worries for the time being. I feel so alive after after doing it. As they say, nothing is more orgasmic like feeling your own breath 😉 . P.S – I have declared myself as self obsessed already !

Thank God for what you have

Stress and depression are no longer big words. There is such a mad rush everywhere, we forget to thank God for what we have! Be grateful, it does not hurt at all!  I always remind myself – look up when you dream and look down when you live. No matter how successful you become, your feet should be placed firmly on the ground. Oopsie, this is no philosophy class, sorry 🙂

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What are your 5 things that you do before sleeping ?

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