Healthy Living For Indians Staying Abroad


Healthy Living For Indians Staying Abroad

Hi all,

Sorry for not keeping in touch with you all! Well I was transiting and learning new things in life. It is just pure bliss to get a change from a routine. And be at a place which is beautiful. I stay in a Country side in the UK. It is beautiful here, fresh air, fresh food, lots of different things.

health and living abroad


I see people here, they are really energetic. They do everything themselves, and I am finding a way out on how to do that. I see people cycling, jogging on the streets. Most of them are fit!

Healthy Living For Indians Staying Abroad

Well, I am not behind, I joined Taichi (Chinese form of yoga) here, and I am planning to start Iyengar yoga soon. They have a huge centre here.

Health and Living abroad Taichi

So before I move on to various stories, let me tell you on how things abroad portray to be healthy and fresh but have something or the other which may be bothersome.

Greek Style Yoghurt

Health and Living abroad greek yogurt

Ok, so I had always heard about it. And I used to wonder what it is. Greek style yoghurt is just like ordinary yoghurt but it is made more thick and creamy by removing as much as whey as possible, thus claiming it to be more protein rich! And I thought whey was protein which is being discarded. Anyhow, that’s not all, Greek yoghurt has Gelatin added it, and this Gelatin is procured from beef gelatin, thus not suitable for vegetarians. Well, there may be some Greek yoghurts which do not use beef gelatin, those can be used for trying out.

Secondly, these yoghurts have a whole lot of sugar, invert syrup added to it, making it more harmful than your regular piece of chocolate!

 Out of the box juices


I see people starting their day with these sugar rich juices! Read the labels, there is nothing but sugar and water in the highest content, ok so promise that they don’t add sugar! But why not enjoy a nice fruit instead of these juices. I make fresh lime water with some rock salt. The lemons here are really juicy and nice.

Regular flavored yoghurts

Health and Living abroad flavoured yogurtI see most yoghurt buyers stocking up low fat versions, ok very good going. But ever wondered why they have this thick texture to it. Well, say hello to modified corn, tapioca, maize and rice. Choose wisely and enjoy them once in a while. Or I do is add fresh fruits to plain yoghurt.

Whole meal breads in some brands

Health and Living abroad bread

Check the labels carefully; the first ingredient should be whole wheat flour and not wheat flour. Wheat flour is just Maida added to it. Sometimes, these breads have whole wheat flour and next to it is wheat flour, so it has both. Choose the bread with whole wheat flour only. I have even started baking my own bread.

Sugar loaded cereals

Health and Living abroad cereals

Give me a break, with these sweet sugary sweets early in the morning. Instead have something hot freshly prepared.  If you don’t have the time, cook yourself some oats with milk. Sugar in these cereals can be in form of molasses, invert syrup, etc.  I say keep it away or let it on the shelves of the super market.

See you with my next post.

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