Healthy Milk Options-Milk Alternatives India


Healthy Milk Options-Milk Alternatives India


Hello Guys, how are you? Who doesn’t like to start the morning with a cup of milk or tea or coffee? As a matter of fact any kind of beverage you like. But a few of us are lactose intolerant or avoid milk due to health reasons. So am here bringing to you a few healthy milk choices. You must be thinking, i just said that people avoid milk due to health reason and now I am saying I am giving you healthy choices in milk? As contrary as it may sound, but read on to know more.

There are many healthy milk choices available in the markets these days, also you can make some home too. But with the huge range available, how do you choose the right milk for you? Lets get down to business guys!


1. Cow milk

Very easily available and something we are use to drinking since childhood. We get options like toned and double toned cow milk, toned milk has around 134 calories per cup as compared to normal cow milk which has 135 calories per cup and the double toned milk has 70 calories per cup, making it the healthiest choice in terms of calories. In terms of other nutrients, refer to the chart below-

Nutrition Facts for 1 cup of milk
Calories Fat Carbohydrate Protein Calcium
Cow  Milk 146 9.6g 9.46g 7.1g 307%
Toned Milk 138 7.1g 11.2g 7.4g 357.00%
Double Toned Milk 50 3.6g 10g 7.0g 300%


2. Soy milk

The John Abraham advertisement!! That’s all i can think of when I think of soy milk. Soy milk is available in many flavors and since soy is considered a source of protein, this milk offers added protein for fitness enthusiasts. The calories per cup of soy milk has around 131 calories with 9g of protien, 4.2g of fats, 15g of carbs and 6% calcium.But i don’t like the taste of soy milk somehow. But to each his own right?!


3. Almond Milk

The new kid making a storm in the fitness market! Almond milk is easy to make at home, light to digest. Generally people following a vegan diet look for almond milk as a source for their milk requirement. It is also used by people who are lactose intolerant as well as soy resistant.The nutrition facts for a cup of almond milk are around 40 calories with just 1g of protien and 3g of fats. It is easier to make almond milk at home than to buy one from the market.


4. Coconut Milk

This is not a new entrant in the market, many of us have used this to make our curries more yummy, but now people also have started to use it as a milk replacement. specially in baking! Who knew that we could use coconut milk to replace our cow milk right?! Though very high in calories, a cup of coconut milk has around 550 calories and a whooping 57g of fats! I say just tone it down a bit if planning to use. Mix equal parts of water and coconut milk for a healthier version, though the thickness will reduce. This is a healthy alternative for people with lactose intolerance and soy and nuts.


5. Oats milk

Last but not the least, oats milk. This one has around 130 calories with 2g fiber and 4g protein. I would just avoid this one straight away. The problem of unavailability and of course the whole process of making it at home is tedious. So if you want more calories with low amount of protein, go for it.

After analyzing the milk options and their nutritive value I feel double toned cow milk is a winner hands down! People with allergies or on a vegan diet, feel free to make a healthy choice with the options provided. Also, share with us any other form of milk you people consume.

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Which one are you going to choose from the healthy milk choices?

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