7 Healthy Packaged Foods!


Healthy Packaged Foods!

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There are a lot of posts on the internet saying how bad packaged foods can be for your health. However, as always there are exceptions. Yes, there are some nutrition loaded stuff that come in packages. Don’t confuse them with processed food though.

Here is a list of boxed and canned stuff that fall in the category of healthy packaged foods:

1) Oats and Flax seed

flax seeds and weight loss

Good old oats and ground flax seed are packaged either in cartons or bags. Oats make a great heart-healthy meal, as you all know, and when you sprinkle 2 tablespoons of flax seed on your bowl of oats you only enhance its goodness. Make sure to pick a pack of old-fashioned oats instead of instant oats so that you get more amount of fibre without added salt or sugar.

2) Frozen veggies

Frozen vegetables- frozen food bad for health

Frozen veggies can be as good as the fresh ones. They might even be prewashed or chopped for your convenience. Use them within a few weeks as the nutrients of veggies start degrading over time. Come on, get some frozen veggies and make your meals easy to prepare and more nutritious.

3) Frozen berries

Bilberry health benefits

Now in some parts of the world you don’t get fresh berries. But you do need to include them in your diet to stay super-healthy. What to do? Well, you have the option of going for frozen berries. Just make sure that they don’t have any added sugar. You can then defrost them and add them to your smoothie, bowl of yogurt, oatmeal or cereal.

4) Granola Bars

granola-bar-healthy-packaged-foods, healthy packaged foods


Zeroing on the granola bar that is healthy can be a tough job. You need to shop carefully and read the ingredient list to pick out the healthiest one. The healthiest granola bars can be found in the ‘natural foods’ section of the supermarket. Choose brands that use dates as their chief sweetener as you will get sufficient fibre! The number of calories in a bar can be high. It would be better to have half of the bar at a time or share it with a friend.

5) Cereal

how healthy is granola

Picking the right cereal box is essential. You might land up with one having an overdose of sugar if you are not careful. The right cereal can give you the goodness of fibre and vitamins thereby supporting your heart and intestinal health. You can make your bowl of cereal healthier by adding in some plain bran cereal! Top it up with berries and enjoy!

6) Brown rice

brown rice_tummy flattening foods

You can easily spot packaged brown rice at the supermarket. They are bound to catch your attention. Brown rice is a grain that is rich in fibre and can easily replace our white rice. You can cook it the way you want.

7) Yogurt

yogurt-packaged, healthy packaged foods

Source: www.naturesbasket.co.in

Yogurt present at the dairy section of the supermarket is a great snack and meal accompaniment. Choose brands that are natural and don’t have artificial colours or sweeteners added.

Hope now you won’t feel that all packaged stuff is bad for health!

Do include the above healthy packaged foods in your diet!

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