Healthy Ragi Coconut Pancakes Recipe


Healthy Ragi Coconut Pancakes Recipe

Ragi pancakes recipe

Like every year this year too I am worshiping my Ganpati during Ganesh Utsav for ten days. When I first started inviting Ganpati on Ganesh Chaturthi, three years back, I used to bring a new idol every year but then I realised that Ganpati Visarjan was something that was making me hurt the eco- system so I decided to use my little silver Ganpati every year. Of course daily some prasad has to be made for Him, so this year I offered my Ganpati some real healthy Ragi coconut pancakes with a drizzle of honey on top.

Healthy Ragi Coconut Pancakes Recipe

Here are the ingredients and recipe of Ragi coconut pancakes.


Makes two pancakes

Ragi flour – 40 gms

Coconut flour – 2 tbsp

Brown Sugar – 2 tsp

Desi Ghee – 10 gm or 1 tsp

Milk a few table spoons to make batter

Almonds and honey optional 


Make a cake like batter with Ragi, coconut flour, brown sugar and few tbsp luke warm milk. f you wish to add some dry fruits add that also I added some almonds for Ganpati.

On a hot skillet spread some deshi ghee and pour the batter in two parts. Spread the batter a bit, to make pancakes thinner and bigger.  Just sprinkle some extra dry fruits (if you wish)

Ragi PanCakes

Cook them on low flame till golden on each side.

Ragi Pan CakesWhen cooked on both sides, serve with a drizzle of honey.

Ragi pancakes recipe

I don’t know f my Ganpati felt good about this healthy Ragi Coconut flour pancakes but I loved this prasad to the hilt. Since I didn’t use much of ghee and oil so it was not high in calories.

Healthy Ragi Coconut Pancakes Recipe

As you can check here each serving had not more than 200 calories, 9 gm carbs, fiber 3 gm (that makes it with just 6 gm net carbs) protein3 gm. So pretty healthy and good option for that sweet tooth which troubles me at times.

One thing I would like to add that since coconut flour itself is a bit sweet so you can try making it without brown sugar and just glaze the top with some honey.

Hope you will try this Healthy Ragi Coconut Pancakes Recipe.

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