Top 7 Healthy Smartphone Habits


Top 7 Healthy Smartphone Habits

Smartphones have been ruling our lives for more than a decade now. Everybody walks on the streets with their head bent over the phone. People visit restaurants just to click pics and post them on Instagram! Socializing has now acquired a new meaning; you can be close to a person through WhatsApp but in real life you might not even be able to start a conversation! No, I am not cribbing about technology here! Smartphones have both pros and cons.

Healthy Smartphone Habits

The issue is not with smartphones but with how we connect to them. Here are some healthy smartphone habits that will be of help!

1) Change your phone routines

Certain changes like keeping the phone away from your bedroom or using it less often can become a habit and that too healthy ones. Now think when you check your phone for the first time in the day or where you keep it in office. Ask yourself for what purposes do you use your smartphone. What kind of apps help in simplifying your life and which ones are making your life miserable?

2) Mind your P’s and Q’s

What do you do with your phone when you socialize with people (I mean the real socializing!), watch TV or a movie? How do you interact with your phone when you have a meal or while driving? Find out what you do and think whether it is justified to do so. Build good phone etiquettes.

3) Give yourself time to enjoy using the phone

Just like how cheat meals work in dieting, giving yourself some time to scroll through the phone happily for a limited period of time in a day will help. It will ensure that you don’t binge on your phone later. However, ensure that the half an hour you have allotted does not turn out to be 3 hours!

4) Take a break from using your phone

Taking a break from your smartphone can be for a day, for a single meal or for a few hours. You can start by carrying out a phone fast for an hour. Maintain a diary and write down when and how long you are going to carry out your phone fast. This way you will be able to honour your commitment better.

5) Have a life beyond the phone

Take your diary out and list down what all activities make you happy that are not related to your smartphone. Also write down how you will incorporate those activities in your life on a regular basis.

For example, you may write – I love to play the piano. Hence, I would take piano lessons and allot time to play it every weekend.

6) Mastering stillness

Life should have a pause button. You need to be still and silent at times and let your mind relax. So, the next time you go ahead and try to pick your smartphone, use that time to pause and enjoy stillness instead.

7) Bring back attention

It is high time that you work towards bringing back your lost attention spans. For that you need to carry out both physical and mental exercises. Practice attention-building exercises to keep your brain in shape.

It is a must to break the addiction of the smartphone and hence the above habits need to be inculcated.

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