12 Healthy Snacks For Kids


Healthy Snacks For Kids

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It is common for kids to get hungry between meals when they are in their growing years.  Do you offer them a pack of their favourite processed snack? They are very unhealthy for kids as they have nothing but artificial ingredients, added sugars and maida in them.

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Snack time seems to be the right time to add nutritious stuff to your child’s plate. Give the child whole foods that provide both nutrition and energy. Here is a list of healthy snacks for kids:

1) Yogurt

fruit yogurt

Yogurt is rich in protein and calcium and makes a great snack for kids. Calcium is needed for the developing bones of kids. The live bacteria in it benefit the digestive system. Don’t go in for the sugar loaded yogurts marketed to kids. Opt for plain, full-fat yogurt and sweeten it with fresh fruit or honey.

2) Popcorn


Popcorn that is regarded as a junk food is actually a while grain food. Air-pop your popcorn and drizzle some butter and add salt. Don’t give the child store bought popcorn that drowns in unhealthy additives.

3) Nuts


Children need healthy fats for their growth and what can be better than nuts? They are also a good source of fibre and antioxidants

4) Trail mix


Make sure that your kid does not have an allergy to nuts. If no, trail mix is a very healthy snack. Commercial trail mix has more of high sugar chocolate candies so it would be better to make your own trail mix at home for your kid with nuts, dried fruit and whole grains.

5)  Cottage cheese

Paneer nutrition facts

Paneer or cottage cheese is no alien to us! Give a tiny slice of it to your kid after roasting it with a little oil. You can also spread it on a whole wheat slice of bread. It is very healthy as it is rich in protein, vitamin B12 and selenium.

6) Oatmeal

Oats For Weight Loss Management And Well Being


Oatmeal can also be a healthy snack. Oats are known to have a lot of fibre in them and thus are beneficial. Don’t go in for flavoured oatmeal, make your own from rolled oats. Adding milk to it will further enhance the protein and calcium content.

7) Roti veggie pocket

Making kids eat veggies is hard. However, you can make things easier by being creative. Slice a roti in half and make a pocket. Smear the inside with hummus (hummus recipe here) and slice veggies in a plate. Let the kid pick up the veggie and drop in the roti pocket. This way the child will eat the veggies happily!

8) Fruit smoothie

smoothie prevent weight gain

You can make a smoothie with a tasty fruit and sneak in a few veggies too. The child may not even know they are there. Use whole, fresh fruits to make the smoothie. Get your imagination rolling!

9) Raisins

raisins-is dried fruit good for health

Dried grapes are called raisins. They have all the goodness of fresh grapes, it is just that the package is smaller. They have a good amount of iron which is essential for kids. Raisins also have plant compounds that help protect the teeth of kids from cavities. They are a go-and -grab snack that kids love.

10) Sweet potato chips baked

Roasted sweet-potato-chips comfort food

Sweet potatoes are nutritious as they have vitamin A that is needed for healthy eyes and skin. You can make them interesting for kids by cutting them like French fries and baking them instead of frying them in oil. Just sprinkle a bit of salt on top and your snack is ready.

11) Fruit

paneer fruit chaat

Fruits are a healthy and convenient snack for children. Fruits have fibre, essential minerals and vitamins. Apples, pears, grapes, bananas are common fruits that kids like. Cut up mango, melon and pineapple into small pieces and store them in tiny containers so that you can give it to the kids when they are hungry.

12) Frozen fruit popsicles

Blueberry And Yoghurt Popsicles Recipe

Frozen fruit popsicles are both yummy and healthy. Make your own at home because the store bought ones have high amounts of added sugar HFCS and artificial flavours. You can choose fruits like berries and mango for the popsicles. (popsicle recipe here)

Choose what you like from the above list of healthy snacks for kids!

Hope you liked reading this post on healthy snacks for kids!

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