Herbalife Weight Loss Success Story – By Jaanu


Editor’s note – Please note that this story is based on personal experience of a user. We do NOT endorse Herbalife products. 

When I was in PG, i went to a wedding along with my friends wearing a saree. When I saw those pictures I felt like aww.. i was looking like some aunt in 30’s age. Then I thought of losing weight.

Someday I saw a pamphlet about Herbalife and called to the person’s phone number. He asked me to comedown to have a check and course details. When I went to checkup, my weight was 76kgs, I was shocked to see that number on the weighing board.

Finally, I told him all my food habits, my daily routine and all. Finally he asked me to start up a course with Herbalife , and thus got introduced to Herbalife.

Products Used in my Herbalife Weight Loss Success Story

  • Formula 1 (F1) : You get this in three flavors – Chocolate, vanilla, mango.- Rs.1169/- This comes for 15 days. So you need 2 F1 bottles for a month.
  • Formula 3 (F3) : This is a protein powder – Rs.694/-
  • Cellulose tablets: Rs.915/-
  • Afresh : Rs. 435/-
  • Herba Life Tumbler and Spatula: Have these too for exact measurements.

For one month course, it costed for me Rs.4000/- appx

Let’s see what does these products have


Formula 1 specifically formulated with high quality soy protein isolate, is a nutritional food product for dietary use. Packed with vitamins and minerals along with natural herbs is a ideal balance of protein & nutrition without overloading unnecessary fat and calories.

Key Benefits

  • 9 gms protein in each serving
  • 19 essential vitamins & minerals
  • Each serving provides 90 Kcals of energy
  • Made of high quality soy protein
  • In 3 delicious flavors

Herbalife Weight Loss Success Story F1


Overview – Get high quality protein to help keep you from getting hungry and assist with good nutrition, fitness and health goals.

Key Benefits – This product helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass, protein supplement to satisfy your hunger. Soy, whey protein and essential amino acids.

Herbalife Weight Loss Success Story F3


Overview – Cell-U-Loss helps eliminate excess body fluid. Herbal blend of plant-based nutrients.

Key Benefits – Reduces the appearance of unsightly dimple skin, Helps eliminate excess body fluid

Herbalife Weight Loss Success Story Cellulose


Overview – Available in different flavours and enjoy this drink mix hot or cold and also rich in antioxidants

Key Benefits – Available in 3 flavors, Enjoy this hot or cold any time anywhere, Rich in antioxidants, 0% sugar

Herbalife Weight Loss Success Story energy drink

Here is the procedure of the course that I followed:

For first 6 weeks:

Early morning: Empty stomach I used to put 3 pinches of “Afresh-Powder” in hot water and have it.

Breakfast: Idli/Dosa/Upma/Oats/Cornflakes , with any fruit juice.

Lunch: I used to have all type of food (rice, dal, curry)here with no restrictions. Along with desert 😀

Evening Snacks: Fruits/ Sprouts

Dinner: F1 and F3 in 3:1 ratio mixed in 300ml of skimmed milk. I just used to have this thats it.

After 6 weeks till 3 months diet:


Early morning: Empty stomach I used to put 3 pinches of “Afresh-Powder” in hot water and have it.

Breakfast: F1 and F3 in 3:1 ratio mixed in 300ml of skimmed milk. I just used to have this thats it.

Lunch: Normal Lunch along with desert.

Evening Snacks: Fruits/ Sprouts

Dinner: F1 and F3 in 3:1 ratio mixed in 300ml hot water, and a fruit.

I used to take a cellulose pill an hour before my lunch and dinner.Other things that i followed during my HerbaLife course:

  • I used to drink 5-6 litres of water.
  • I avoided having banana, sapota(chiku), mango fruits.
  • Avoided all junk foods.
  • I am a coffee lover, used to have 3 times a day. This was cut down to 1 cup a day.
  • More Soya based foods in diet to have more protein so that i wont have hairfall.
  • As, I am a vegetarian. Consider that I didn’t even have Nonveg foods.

After my course completed i reached my ideal weight 58kgs, and now I have even took membership with Herbalife and became a distributor, not to do any business, just to have for me and my family.

This product have gave me satisfied results. If you ask will I recommend this, i would definitely say a big “YES”. But this is quite expensive. But if you do some workout along with this Herbalife you may see much more good results.

Here is how i was looking before and after :


Herbalife Weight Loss Success Story before1

Herbalife Weight Loss Success Story before



Herbalife Weight Loss Success Story after


Did you see that difference? See my face how bulgy it is looking in first 2 pics and after marriage see my face and body structure also got toned. Yeah my weight came down from 76 to 58. Isn’t that ridiculous??… It’s so much for me. Sorry friends for blurring out my pics, just don’t want to show my face as per husband’s order. Hope you all will understand .


Jaanu 🙂

P.S – After going through Janu weight loss success story I invested 6000 and took the membership of herbal life.Unfortunately it didn’t work for me in fact messed up my whole weight loss theory. I  still kept faith and repurchased stuff 2-3 times and spent around total of 10k which unfortunately turned out to be a total waste for me. So please beware as result may vary.



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  1. Hi Jannu… very inspiring…. but don’t U feel hungry aftr the hungry…. it is a meal replacement isnt it…

    Ifeel very hundry after an hour or two… especially if I dont have a very busy schedule…. how did U manage that…?

    Yr inputs would be helpful….

  2. Jaanu- its a drastic change in life na.. loosing weight is dream come true… 😀 😛 . These products are promising but very costly that too for only 1 month.. 🙁

  3. Hey jaanu, you look lovely in after pics. Can u pls provide me the details where can I find these products, as am interested in using it. Pls pls reply soon.

  4. Hi jaanu… ur weight loss inspired me.. I’m having my wedding in 2 months and I want to lose 8 kg..I started the Herbalife pgm 4 days back.. can I get the products from u by online at the price u have described..

  5. Hii,

    r u stil maintaining the lost weight..? As I hav heard ppl get it all back very soon…. One thing more, I have read on many sites about some bad side effects on liver bcz of Herbalife… what’s ur take in this? I would suggest dat get some medical test done to check on liver enzymes n all….

  6. I consulted ayurvedic doctor to know his opinion about Herbalife.But he adviced me not to go for this since the product has many side effects like kidney problem,liver problem etc., also once stopped you will gain weight again. hence i stopped taking herbalife.

  7. hiii i hv used herbalife for 1monthese …in morning only…i m getting mild headache and getting unconfort near ears and neck… uncomfrt means like feelig sum wt heaviness.s and blurred vision…getting feard by using dis product…especially using afresh i m getting these type f symptoms….i need to lose my wt..pls help me

  8. hi I have used herbalife for 20 day in morning and dinner also. i m purchased from Snapdeal.com. Uesing Afresh in empty stomac in the morning .. But no result . pls help me. I want loose my weight but in 20days no result.

  9. You said 3 pinches of afresh powder in hot water.

    How mych water? 250 ml or 300 ml or 450 ml?
    Also 3 pinch is how much? 10 grams or 15 grams?

  10. caffeine may be allergic for some people ..so u should first go and check urslef…next there is a proper methods of taking product. ..u should follow this …to ensure weight loss …and the most important thing is your diet plan and water intake which should be in proper range. .like for 20kg u need 1 ltr water …get full details then use it .the best nutrition it is. ..

  11. Hi,

    This post is near about 3 years ago. Are you still continuing the same wight or it bounced back? Did you achieve that weight loss with or without exercise ?

    I am planning to start. Your inputs will be very helpful.

  12. Janu, Have u gained weight after the course? What about any side effects? How many months did u take to lose from 76 to 58?

  13. My daughter bought this formula-1 and protein powder for energy for Rhumatic pain from chennai branch.Anyone please give benefits and sideaffects for using this.Pl.advice.

  14. Hello jaanu. May i know after loosing weight from this herbal product. Is there any chance of gaining weight after completing this course

  15. Hiii
    I started taking herbal products f1 and protein shake for three weeks all I lost 2kg weight but suddenly extreme hair fall I don’t know what to do now I stopped herbal products my weight 78

    • Hi Arsh, there is no shortcut to good health. All these shakes and herbal products must best be avoided. The success rate is questionable as these are not permanent weight loss solutions. Remember there is a difference between Quick weight loss and Healthy Weight loss.Always opt for the latter one. If you would like to join our paid weight loss program, you can WhatsApp Kanan on 8375064698.

  16. Hi very inspiring story. Can you tell me what soya bean snacks to buy.

    Also I have been taking it for 25 says and only the formula 1 with afresh as given to me by the agent. Not the formula 3 that is the personalized powder. The agent only stressed on the shake (formula 1). I take it only once. I can still see fat on my legs and the fat fluctuates. It is not steady. Can you advice.


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