4 Herbs For Good Health This Monsoon!


Herbs For Good Health This Monsoon!

Hello All!!!

The month of ‘sawan’ is here! So it all about heavy rains, terrible traffic jams, children playing football in the puddles and lots of insect breeding! Well, that sounded like a mix of both the good and the bad times lying ahead!

Generally, this season means fun, but all the fun will vanish if you are not extra careful! The monsoon season always brings along air and water borne diseases. The change in climate takes a toll on your immunity and that makes you prone to a wide range of ailments such as cold, flu, fever, allergies and infections.

I am not here to scare you! You can still enjoy the season without falling sick with the help of herbs! Check out herbs for good health this season.

1) Tulsi (Basil leaves)

tulsi health benefits

Tulsi is known to suppress cough and help remove mucous. It also dilates the airways in the lungs to provide relief from chest congestion. If you have a respiratory illness, it will support an early recovery. Being anti-tussive in nature, it helps in clearing the lungs. If you want to boost your immunity, an easy way out is to drink 1 or 2 cups of tulsi tea every day.

The plant has antibacterial properties. It protects the body from a number of harmful viruses spreading around in this month of saawan. Drinking hot tea helps in neutralizing the cold that enters your body from the external environment and thereby helps in regulating your internal body temperature. Tulsi is also known to accelerate the natural detoxification process of the body.

2) Guduchi

Guduchi herb

Guduchi is a popular immunity boosting herb. It helps in increasing the ability of white blood cells to fight infection. It boosts the body’s immunity along with ensuring an early recovery from illness.

3) Ashwagandha

ashwagandha for weight gain

The well-known herb ashwagandha has several health benefits to offer according to Ayurveda. It is also called Indian Ginseng as it has rejuvenating properties. The strength of the immune system also increases with the use of this herb. You will have more energy and stamina when you consume ashwagandha. It helps in soothing the nervous system and improving sleep quality. There exist several other health benefits of ashwagandha that include the ability of lowering cholesterol and stabilizing blood sugar. The cherry on the cake is its anti-malarial properties.

4) Triphala

Organic India Triphala Tablets review

Triphala, as the name suggests is a combination of 3 herbs namely: amla, beheda and harde. It is said to be a powerful antioxidant. The digestive power that diminishes during monsoon is increased by triphala. Amla (Indian gooseberry), present in triphala is a great source of vitamin C. This particular vitamin is known to reduce the severity of cold and strengthen your immune system. The other ingredient beheda helps in clearing congestion and cough. It also controls loose motions and cures diarrhea. Now, the third ingredient of triphala – ‘harde’ soothes the throat when you gargle with its decoction. It is also a digestive aid and helps the body’s pulmonary system

So, use the above herbs and stay safe this monsoon!

Hope you liked reading about the herbs for good health!

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