Hibernation Diet-A Bit About It


Hibernation Diet-A Bit About It

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Hibernation brings bears and bees to the mind though there are other animals too that sleep through cold winters. Those animals are nourished by what is stored in their bodies and the stored goods in their body last till they emerge from their long sleep. The hibernation diet works on the same lines. Yes, the principle is the same but you don’t have to sleep for 4 months at a stretch to lose weight :P. You need to prepare during the day and the body will do the rest while you are asleep every night. For this diet, the right foods and the right amount of sleep are important.

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What is the hibernation diet based on?

Some diets make you reduce things from your diet but this diet asks you to add a few things to your diet that will be used to tell your body that it needs to use what you have stored. This is usually the principle of most diets-‘to make your body burn what is stored’ but this fails miserably most of the times. Your body has fat which is its stored energy but at times it doesn’t know how to use it or just refuses to use it. The hibernation diet opens the door and makes your body use fat stores for energy so that you can reduce your weight and become slim.

How the body gets energy?

Sugar that is produced from foods by your body provides you with energy each day. It nourishes the brain too. If you consume excess of sugar, the body stores it away as excess fat. If happen to have insulin resistance, the body stores away more body fat than it should and this leads to a lot of weight gain which is tough to handle.

The hibernation diet

The hibernation diet aims at getting your fat burning and sugar production system working the way they should be and probably even better. Moreover, the sleeping brain that gets enough sugar at night regulates hormones the way it should and this helps in weight loss.

honey uses and benefits

In the hibernation diet you need to use a fully natural supplement and that is honey. Honey helps the body work the way it should to burn fat and calories while you are asleep at night. Honey is a natural form of sugar and is made by bees. It has nutrients in it too.

The hibernation diet advocates mild resistance exercise along with a healthy, wholesome and balanced diet minus processed junk food. You need to take honey at night, that two 1 to 2 teaspoons either as a warm drink or as a smoothie. It can be also consumed straight from the jar 😉 Isn’t it easy to follow? However, it would be advisable to check with your doc before starting the hibernation diet as this diet may not be suitable for diabetics.

Cons of the hibernation diet

The biggest con of this diet is that it lacks scientific evidence to back the claims that honey can be effective in weight loss.

Also, the diet encourages healthy food choices and increases physical activity. So, it is difficult to prove that weight loss happened due to honey or due to the other factors. If not anything else, honey will at least make you sleep well at night.

Will you try the hibernation diet?

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