High Fiber Recipe-Flax Garlic Bread Cheese Sandwiches


High Fiber Recipe-Flax Garlic Bread Cheese Sandwiches

I love the taste of garlic bread. That taste of garlic if accentuated with some chilly is just umm !! But the bread is some kind of a banned word in my life for the last three years or so and frankly speaking I don’t like that. Since my childhood I had been a bread person, and have suffered the repercussions of it. 🙁  There are so many of us like me who are wanting to lose weight and cannot afford to have sandwiches. I am surely the one of those people.

Another thing that I go crazy for is cheese. Bread and cheese are a lethal combination for weight gain. Though thankfully cheese is allowed in low carb diet, yet bread is not. I love cheese sandwiches but cannot have that darned bread. So I thought of making my own flax bread and then turn them into cheese sandwiches. Well, it took me some thinking about what all can be added so that I make the bread as healthy as possible. Finally, I decided using flax seeds powder, Psyllium husk, and eggs. Sounds simple??? yes, it was but it took me three efforts to get it right. And I must say that the third one was finally what I had wanted. It came out more of Flax garlic bread slices. Here I share my effort with you all ….

Let’s make Garlic bread first…

flax bread


  • Flax seeds  –  100 gm

  • Psyllium husk  –  10 gm

  • Garlic –  4 cloves

  • Eggs  –  6 medium

  • Salt to taste

  • Apple cider vinegar or any vinegar 2 tbsp

  • Baking soda 1 tsp


  • Grind flax, psyllium, garlic, baking soda together in a dry grinder.

  • Once nice and smooth powder, add eggs and blend well.

  • Finally add vinegar and again mix well.

  • Prepare a Microwave safe tray  (I use my old Microwave’s glass tray).

  • Place spoonfuls in blobs on the tray and micro high for 10 minutes each batch.

  • Whole recipe made me 8 garlic bread slices or flat bread or buns whatever you wish to call them.

Let’s make cheese sandwiches now…

flax bread spicy sandwiches

  • First step is to take one bun and place a cheese slice on top. Place some tomato and capsicum slices with a bit of onion and some low carb Mayonaise. (find recipe here) 

flax bun sandwich

  • Cover with another slice of cheese and sprinkle some chilly flakes on top.

flax bread sandwich spice

  • Place another slice of flax garlic bun or slice on top and micro high for a minute.

flax bun sandwich 1

  • Once out of micro oven cut the sandwich in two. Do I need to say that it looks and taste amazing??

flax bread spicy sandwiches

Now this is my version of Cheese samdwiches. Well, I won’t say that they taste as great as the white or brown bread sandwiches but then a little taste can be compromised for better health… isn’t it? What say?

Do make these High Fiber Flax Garlic Bread Cheese Sandwiches and let us know how did you like those?

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