High Heels Can Harm You – How?


High Heels Can Harm You – Find Out How

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Love your high heels? They are like hair straighteners, cheap nail paint and French fries. You know they are bad for you but you still love them and want to use or eat them. While stilettos and pumps enhance your appearance and give you the grace of a princess, they come with a price.


Every woman knows how uncomfortable and painful it is to wear high heels, yet you will find at least one pair in the closet. Do you know that high heels can kill you? Not immediately but slowly and agonizingly.

How High Heels Can Harm You?

1) High heels harm the feet

The human foot is not meant for high heels. In fact, wearing shoes can be considered unnatural as we have not evolved with footwear. There is no other species on earth that needs footwear. Human feet are immensely tough, provide you spring like action, distribute weight, absorb impact and shield the musculoskeletal structure from impact.

When you wear high heels, the balance goes out of the window and most of your body mass is borne by the balls of the feet and the delicate toe bones. Studies indicate that higher stilettos and pumps can increase the stress on the feet by 30%. This has an impact on the natural stride and increases the risk of ingrown toenails, blisters. Your feet can also suffer long term nerve and bone damage.

2) High heels can harm the ankles

You might look great in your new pair of stilettos right now but eventually you will end up with ugly looking spider veins! Due to the unnatural forward bending of the ankles due to wearing high heels, the blood circulation in the lower limbs is reduced thereby increasing the risk of varicose veins.

The uncomfortable positioning of the ankles causes stiffening of the ligament connecting the calves and the heels. This causes an unnatural compression of calf muscles and with passing time can cause difficulty in walking even in flats!

high heel rage

3) High heel can harm the knees

Knee problems are very painful and make moving around very difficult. They are the largest joints of the body and are made to take a lot but wearing high heels is too much to handle for the knees too!

Using high heeled shoes frequently deteriorates the joint cartilage and weakens the joint. This increases the risk of knee osteoarthritis.

4) High heel can affect the hips

High heels are totally impractical and very bad for balance. Someone who has never worn them would simply tip over if they would try a pair on. To be balanced in heels, you need to change the posture. Thrust your hips forward arch your back and push the chest out.

It will make you look sexy but also give you chronic hip pain.

5) High heels harm the spine

Do you go gaga over the way models sway in high heels on the ramp? There is nothing natural about it. This way of walking actually puts stress on the spine and increases back problems. This is the reason why women wearing high heels have lower back pain.

What to do with your pumps and stilettos?

Just like how you deal with every unhealthy addiction, you need to exercise restraint and moderation with wearing high heels too.

Keep them for special occasions. Carry them in your bag and wear them at the venue. Pamper your feet by massaging them and indulge in foot soaks. Buy footwear that is comfortable for you, after all, looks are not more important than health.

Hope this post has been helpful in letting you know how high heels can harm you!

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