High Protein Healthy Snacking With Dry Roasted Soybeans


High protein healthy snacking with Dry Roasted Soybeans

After almost one whole year I took a break this Diwali for travelling out of Noida. I had long been thinking to be away from pollution for a while and breathe fresh air of Punjab. It surely was a refreshing trip with family during Diwali. I ate like crazy forgetting all about my weight and health issues and undoubtedly, I am repenting my decision seeing the weigh scale and the asthma attack I had just a day before coming back home. 🙁

A lot happened during my break as we visited my husband’s posting place which is a small airforce station in Punjab with lots of greenery and flora and fauna around. Early mornings were a welcome sight with beautiful peacocks moving around with their little ones (which strangely enough look pretty ugly), and chirping parrots picking on fresh fruits on trees. It was all heavenly. 🙂 This pic is the proof of what I am saying.

peacockPunjab has such beauty and when you think of it automatically healthy food, lots of green fields and clean air comes to mind making it a total health package. During these few days I ate a lot of Mithai and that shows in the bulges engulfing me… phew!! but the best thing I discovered here was freshly dry roasted Soybean seeds. It so happened that I was looking for Flax seeds in the local market as I had earlier bought from the same market last year for 60 INR a Kilo. Here I would love to mention that in Delhi NCR you get the same 1 kilo of flax seeds anywhere between 300 – 500 a kilo, (a friend of mine bought for 700INR a kilo too 😛 ) So this small shop keeper asked me why I wanted flax seeds I told him that I don’t eat grains so need flax. “Oh! Madam ji dieting kar re ho? Toh yeh lo ji tusi yeh khao.” He said and passed on a packet of roasted soybeans to me. Here I do agree that it was a local food item packed in a plastic bag so no fancy packing and nutrition data available on it. But then for 50 INR half a kilo of health was not that bad a bargain. (I love to bargain and am famous for leaving a product just because the shop owner didn’t agree to reduce those 10 INR 😛 ) LOL  Any how this is what that Desi healthy snack looks like.

roasted_soybeans[1]Okay, now this has nothing else but just Soybeans dry roasted in sand with added salt. Nothing fancy but all natural and healthy. Since there was no nutrition data available on the pack so I googled and here is what I found. The pic has 40 gms of roasted seeds. The nutrition count is here. Once again MFP to my rescue. 🙂

roasted soyabeansSoybeans are gluten free but as it is clearly evident that not a very good choice for those low carb eaters who are on less than 30 gm carb diet. A serving of 40 gm has 10 net carbs. Well, today morning I had this as my breakfast with a cup of coffee. and its almost 2 pm now and I am not that hungry, as I am so thirsty after eating a handful of these that I have already had two litters of water. (Trying to shed those extra kilos I piled up during Diwali) Of course the Protein content is real impressive 16 gm. Thus, even if I plan to be on a 20 gm carb that is Ketogenic diet, I am good with this as breakfast. rest 10 gms carb can be covered with greens, eggs and fish.

I plan to lose minimum 5 kilos asap… so lets see if these roasted beans can help me with that. Diwali and my sweet tooth has thrown me back to my renewed weight loss journey…. regrets…. yes a bit but not that much…. I asked for it by going out of control. As you sow so shall you reap.. isn’t it??

Are you going to try high protein healthy snacking with Dry Roasted Soybeans?

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